Monday, April 23, 2007

Ship Shape

So it's time! I have been piddling around here long enough, and now I need to get this shoddy ship in ship shape. (That may be a tongue twister). I got the house unpacked and things put away, but then I just sort of stopped. I took a mini, much needed, vacation from motherhood and wifery, to some degree. However, this idleness has not made me content, in fact, I feel a little discouraged by all the things that have fallen by the wayside. So it's time!

I wanted to get up and start my day early, and I will have to admit that I failed in this area. However, in my defense, I haven't slept well, in this house, for the last few weeks and I guess I am starting to find my rhythm, because I slept divine last night. This also made me feel even more energetic to take on the task at hand.

So I sat down with the boys and we made out our new chore list. New house, new list, and everyone was ready to see it stuck to the fridge for some accountability. Trying to make a chore list is difficult at times, but I think everyone felt pretty good about it. Then we talked about how we aren't doing sports right now, but Den and I feel like it's important for these boys to stay physically active. So we joined an athletic club, down the road, that has everything a human body could need to stay fit. Surprisingly, no one has been taking full advantage of it yet. Nevertheless, I made it mandatory to use it at least 4 times a week. This keeps the body, along with the brain, in good working order. I know, for me, when I work out I feel refreshed and ready to take on more tasks. So today, I dropped the three oldest boys off at the gym, and I went with the two youngest to McDonald's playland to burn off their bursts of unspun energy.

The boys are eating lunch, the baby is down for his well deserved nap, River is getting ready to head out to work, all the schoolbooks have been gathered on the dining room table so we can begin our education. Yes, it's late in the day, but we are pretty spontaneous people. This was the only way to give everyone time to get chores, exercise, and meals in before River ran off with the suburban for the remaining part of the day.

Now, we are going to get the ball rolling. It is time that I stepped up to the plate, and ran this house like the home that it is. What? Do I hear cheers? I think I do!! LOL


Mrs.Martin said...

What a great idea Trina and I am sure your boys will love the gym too. I want and need to do the over haul of the chore list and make a fresh one again. It does give the kids a much needed boost to see a new one in writing.

However, after a busy and good weekend, I am going for a nice soak in the tub. LOL I am glad you got so much done. It does a MaMa good.

Fifi said...

"Go Trina ....go Trina". I hear a cheer coming on!!!!
I know that my boys operate better when things are 'cut and dried' and when I place very strong boundaries in place. We all feel more secure!
I may be overweight, but one thing I cannot do without is my 30-40 minutes of cardio at the gym!I sleep better and I don't freak out as much!Yip...... gym is good for everyone! Our boys(11 and 8) go to gym with Hubby 2-3 times a week).

meNmykids said...

Yay Trina, not maybe YOU can motivate me. Since James has been messed up with his back everything has fallen by the wayside. Today I had a million errands to run and the house was (still is) destroyed. I feel weary just looking at it. I want to join a gym,would make me more accountable, but not possible right now. I too worry that the kids get enough physical activity. I want to put up a volleyball net in our yard. The older girls walk with me and do TaeBo. Good for you!

meNmykids said...

If I have a problem with blogger I will contact you! Thanks for the offer, hopefully I will get it done this week.

Trina said...

Sis: Yes it does do a Mama Good, and it sounds like you had a busy weekend and could use a good soak in the tub too! Love you!

Fifi: I knew I heard a cheer and I could have predicted it was from you!

Gale: Its hard when you lose that momentum, to get things back in gear, but oh my it feels good when you do! Please email me anytime, if you need any help with setting something up on Blogger. I am excited about you coming to the other!

momto3blessings said...

Sounds like you are gung ho and ready to go. sometimes we just need to get to that point.

Lori said...

I am cheering for you!!
It is hard to get adjusted to a new house...I have to feel at home before I can get a good nights sleep! Sounds like you are there!