Friday, April 13, 2007


Isn't it weird the sounds you grow accustom to in a house? I am used to hearing nothing outside, at all, in the mornings, except for our old Rooster crowing, but now I hear trucks with the annoying "beep beep" sound of them going in reverse. I am a light sleeper, (maybe it's all the years of listening to crying babies from another room), so this sound wakes me up with a sense of worry. My first thought is, "What is that sound, and what is it doing up here (up here, being on the mountain)?" However, very quickly, I realize I am in the city again, and that all is right with my world.

At nights in my old house, the wind would whip around the outside of the house so frenetically that you were sure it was going to tear the siding clean off. Or the sound of coyotes were so abundant that you would lay in your bed at night and play the little game of, "How far from the chicken coop they were". All of these sounds scared me when I first moved up to our country house, but after time, began to be my lullaby.

We had mice in our country home, from time to time, something I hated and watched out for diligently. So now I find that when I open up drawers, or rummage through a box, I'm looking for tell-tale signs of one. I will even see one race across the floor in my imaginary mind. (I know you are thinking maybe her posts will be written in crayon soon). However, I'm not crazy!

It's just amazing to me, the striking change between my two lifestyles here. I love it here in many ways, but I find that my body and mind are still adjusting to the sights, sounds, and lack of normalcy. I feel a little stressed by it, to be completely honest. I have always been a very buoyant person. I adjust quickly, and can find happiness in a LOT of situations, which I have here, but I just find that the older I get, the less bouncy I become between waves. Maybe it's an age thing?

I have this consistent feeling, as a mother, to make all things right and normal for my boys. That is one of my main purposes in life, to give my children balance and good leadership. So, today I will need to pray for help. I am finding that I need to loosen up my grip on the wheel to the Lord a little more here, for I'm a little lost, and still trying to find my way.

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Randi said...

You have my vote!

Nicki said...

I was just talking about this the other night. I remember how noisy it was to me, when we first moved into our house here in the city. So much noisier than the little house we had lived in when we first married. It was a little house on a quiet street in a little town away from the city. I found it hard to sleep with all of the 'noise'. Now, I'm wondering if I'll be able to adjust to the quiet when we move out to the country. I look forward to the quiet with it's occasional sounds which I'm sure will take me awhile to adjust to. I even wonder if I'll miss endless drone of noise I've grown accustomed to living here.

I voted! I hope you win! Some bloggy recognition is always nice. I'm afraid that the only award that my little blog could ever win would be "Blog most infrequently updated" :)

Trina said...

Randi: Thanks for your had mine too!

Nicki: Im glad that Im not the only one who needs some time to adjust. I am surprised at how difficult the change has been. Like night and Thanks for the vote Nicki! It would be fun to get one, but Im not holding my breath!! hehehe

Leah said...

I'm a really light sleeper too. It has it's negative side doesn't it, especially if your hubby is a deep sleeper which would be the truth in my case! =) I swear I hear everything - including things that don't even exist. Oh well, makes life exciting, right? Hahaa!

Well, congratulations for being nominated for so many things! I will go vote for ya as soon as I'm done chatin' with ya. =)

Mrs.Martin said...

It seems like our lives are in parallel again. You are very faithful to not look back when you are convinced, so keep it up and the noise will fall to the background and soon you won't be able to sleep without it.

As for the mouse look out! Cracking up over here. You poor city girl, you really became a country girl during those 6 years there, what choice did you have.

Love how you change easily for the Lord.

marykathryn said...

So funny..when I read this post it reminded me of that nursery rhyme where the city mouse and the country mouse switch places and how everything seems so strange to them...hehe
I know that came out of left field, but it was just what came to me okay??

Cherrie said...

It is always different when you move noises change. The creak of a old house, siren's driving by, dogs barking. I am looking forward to the noise of the neighbors dogs being out when we move. They drive me nuts. With my luck there will be another when we move.

Anonymous said...

When we moved from CA to MN it was the opposite. It's so much smaller here and quieter. I dont hear the cars and noises that I did in CA. Life is SLOWER here and I love it. I dont ever feel rushed at a green or red light, in the grocery store, in the church parking lot...Life here is slow and I love it. You will soon adjust to city life, after all you ARE a city girl at heart remember, lol. Just have faith it will come in time!
-Salena(it was giving me trouble loggin in)

momto3blessings said...

It is an adjustment Im sure. Before you know it you wont even hear those noises anymore.

Kelli said...

Trina! I love your bright and shinning blog. I was so excited the other day to find your comments on my new little blog!! I think about you often and visit often just don't comment, sorry. I trying to get better.

Your new home is gorgeous..glad things are going well for you all.

JOYfully in Him,

ablondeblogger said...

I feel like such a bad blogger friend! I've been so bad at keeping up with blog visits that I didn't even know you'd moved!

My husband grew up in New York and LOVES the sound of traffic. It totally puts him to sleep. But here in the suburbs, there's nothing but the sound of the wind you mentioned (we get it really bad here....we're near the mountains).

I grew up in the country, with no air conditioning, so we always had our windows open. So crickets do it for me! But, since we never have our windows open (allergies), I just have to make do without them.

Carole said...

I just linked to your blog from the well drained mind site and really enjoyed reading through your posts - good reading material while nursing my 8 mo. old. I have three boys, 5, 3 and baby so it is encouraging to see someone loving having 5 boys (don't you get a lot of comments about that?) and homeschooling, etc.
We grew up in the city and moved to the country when I was 19. My dad couldn't sleep out there - it was too quiet for him! I wonder if a fan or white noise machine would help?

Lori said...

I grew up in the country & hated it as a teenager b/c I wanted to be where all my friends were - right in the middle of things. I haven't moved back yet - but someday I hope to have land in the country. It's so peaceful! There are pros/cons to both though.

As for a mouse and moving - watch out! They will come in with the boxes! ha! I had the movers put all the boxes in the garage when I moved and a mouse must have gotten in one and came on in....I have two cats but they are city cats and NO help!! Ha!

Nadine said...

I remember moving from NY to WV and the quiet nearly killed me LOL. I will pray for the adjustment for you and your family to be smooth and easy. I pray that God will give you peace as you face this new phase in life. God bless you Trina.

Fee said...

It always takes time to settle in to a new environment. When we relocated 6 hours away from our hometown, it took us 2 years before we felt like this was starting to feel like home. When you start recognising people's faces in shopping centres, that's when you know that the new town IS HOME!!!!
I love reading your news!

Melanie West said...

I found your blog from a community blog that you are one of the contributors. I was attracted by one of your posts about moving and adjusting. I check you out and there I was glued to my laptop for hours. Thanks for a very inspiring posts. Your family is beautiful. I have boys too, mine is 2 so far. We wanted to try one more time to see if we can get a girl this Anyways, I am in a similar situation right now. We have moved here in MO from VA about a year ago. Up to this day, other than our home and the homeschooling group, I hated it plus the fact that we are struggling financially here. We have decided to move back to VA Beach but after we laid out our plans and had set our minds as to what we should do, roadblocks keeps appearing. Today I find myself crying again and feeling depressed. I don't like the uncertainty, I am anxious and scared because we will loose our home anytime soon and answers are still nowhere in sight. Please keep our family in prayers. I love your blog, I'm glad I found it. I will go to sleep tonight pondering on the thoughts you have shared about changes and moving and settling down.