Tuesday, March 06, 2007

When, How, Where?

We are continuing to wait for things to unfold. Time has a way of dragging on when you are anxioulsy waiting for something. I can relate to Abram, who keeps asking me how many days til his birthday, and then whines about how looooooong its taking. I keep reassuring him that it ISN'T THAT long......(Oh how the Lord has a way of flashing mirrors at us...hehehe).

At church on Sunday, the minister spoke of faith. How that Thomas was a doubter, he had to SEE to believe. Thankfully the Lord was generous to him and SHOWED himself to him, but he made it clear that it is better for one to believe without seeing, and to just have FAITH.

The ministry continued on, and it really touched me, but I also thought about how much God has shown Den and I his plans for us. I thought about how generous He has been, and the peace that He has given us, but I always want MORE, it seems. I guess I would love to have the Lord sit down on the couch and lay out the entire plan, than I would go, but then again WHO WOULDN'T? I mean if God sat down on my couch, and I debated it with them, than I would be in OOOOOBER trouble.....lol.

So, as time is slowly eeking by, my confidence is increasing in Him. I still don't have all the answers, but obviously that is for good reasons, and I'm sure it is to stretch me in growing my FAITH. I had this peace just gently roll over me on Sunday. I felt like the Lord was saying, "Relax and enjoy the journey, after all my intentions are never to hurt you, but to do what is best for you." Den felt the same thing, and so as we continue to battle our flesh for quick easy answers, he and I are trying to just WAIT and RELAX a little.......even though I can TOTALLY relate to Abram.


Cherrie said...

I was really touched by your post. You are being so patient and I so respect you guys for that. God definetly looks down with a smile on your family. Look at all those handsome boys. You know he gave them to you for a reason. lol your friend

meNmykids said...

It is never easy to learn patience. I have been wanting it all spelled out to me recently also and God has shown me instead that I need to trust him. Like you said, He wants what is best for us. And, some things just take time. When it is all over we can look back and see why it had to take so long. So Long? Patience, will I ever get it?

momto3blessings said...

Patience is soo hard. Hopefully you will get your answers soon.

The Martin's said...

Trina enjoying your posts and here is to knowing, you are as real as your posts. Got to love ya Sis. If the Lord were to sit down with us on our couch, your right, faith would be easy. It was difficult in moving thousands of miles away on faith alone, but we have been blessed here in ways we foreseen and in ways we could not have. I have really analyzed the word change and realized I should embrace change, if change is of God's plan. Just the last week, I have realized this. I need to come to the mind we could change again, if we live a nice long life. All things work toward the good of those who love the Lord.

Love, Me

Anna said...

I would be very anxious too, just as you are! Waiting is one of the hardest things to do..even for a patient person! Hang in there...answers will come! =)

Nadine said...

Your post was heart felt and lovely as usual. I will continue to pray for you and your family for guidance.