Monday, February 12, 2007

It's Just Not Fair!

What is it with babies? They are so cute and can get away with murder.

Let's go over some things that they do, and if we did them, we wouldn't have any friends.

Baby Version: Roman can have the snottiest nose, even blowing bubbles out of it, and he will come to me for an open mouthed kiss, with a true glimmer in his brown little eye. I happily give him one, well maybe with a little whince.

Adult version: Talking intimately to Den, across a cafe table, with a snotty nose (maybe blowing a snot bubble or two) and going in for an open mouthed kiss. Den hurls and vows to never take me out with a cold.


Baby Version: Roman sits next to Abram and decides he wants what Abram has, and grabs it clumsily and violently. When Abram protests, he swats him and grunts. Abram shrugs it off, like that's life with a bratty baby brother.

Adult Version: Mary and I are both looking at something at a store. I like what she has, grab it. When she glances at me in shock and disapproval, I hit her and growl. Mary calls Rusty on her cell phone and tells him to come get her.

Baby Version: When Roman sees another baby, he gets up close to the strange child and bends down to put his face in front of the other toddler. He stays like this until there is some sort of a reaction. Quickly, they are fast friends, swapping sippys.

Adult Version: While at a sports event I spot another Mom on the bleachers. I walk over, sit on the bench below her, facing her silently, hoping for a hello. The lady gathers all her children and runs nervously out of the gym.

Baby Version: When Roman gets tired of the long drive home from WalMart, he just begins to scream and cry until he gets out. Or we try to give him all sorts of things to appease the beast.

Adult Version: Teresa and I are heading home from Walmart, and I begin to feel exhausted and cranky about unloading all the groceries. I begin to just scream and cry as I look at Teresa, hoping she will solve the problem. If I'm lucky she will buy me a carmel mocha to calm me down, but calls anyone to go with her, besides me, next time.

Baby Version: When Roman takes a bite of something and determines that he is done and has something better to do, he may just spit it out on to the floor for someone else to clean up. I roll my eyes and say, "no no", and quickly pick it up and throw it in the trash.

Adult Version: While cleaning house and eating a cookie, if I decide I have had too many calories I just spit it out while heading from one room to another. Everyone slowly steps over it , wishing someone ELSE would clean it up.

Baby Version: When Roman gets told that he can't have something, he may at any time, throw himself on the floor and throw a temper tantrum. We quietly walk away, and busy ourselves until he is over it.
Adult Version: While visiting with Cheryl in the kitchen, she disagrees with me, but says it in a way as to not offend me. I, on the otherhand, throw my 5'10" frame on to the floor and starting convulsing in a frenzy, to teach her a lesson. She calls 911.
I could go on all day, but I think you see my point.


momto3blessings said...

LMAO! That is soo funny! Can you imagine? LOL

marykathryn said...

OHHH Trina don't get me started..Can you imagine when babies are trying to get around someone in a crowd and they steady themselves by using people as their brace, cut to us using strange men's legs as our balancing tool as we walk down the unaware of boundaries..I could go on all day..but then our hubby's would give us their usual "you don't know when to quit" look! Hehe

Julie Q. said...

Yes I get your point. I love the comparisons. I often wish I could throw a tantrum to get what I want. Adulthood stinks.

Trina, thanks for stopping by my blog. It's fun to meet another mother of many sons (although you beat me by 2). I think my boys would LOVE to live on 20 acres. They would be in absolute heaven.

Nicole said...

This is all so true.There is just something about a sweet baby face. It just isn't the same when you are an adult.

Kim's Life said...

LOLOLOLOL this is to true and to funny. Love the snotty nose one.LOLOL

Michelle said...

That is so funny!!
Thanks for the laugh this morning!!

Randi said...

Funny! Your little one is adorable! That hair, those cheeks, that smile....need I continue?

meNmykids said...

God made them cute so they'd survive. Ever read Patrick McManus "A Bear in the Attic?" that pretty much sums it up for me. Of course if we do it right, when they are grown we'll be able to enjoy a whole new beauty.

The Martin's said...

Oh my.. I can hear you laughing through that entire post. Social skills are learned and if they are not, by adulthood, then you have very few friends. And yes, Baby Roman is Yummy! Love him.

meNmykids said...

It is the pure inner sweetness that shines through even the tantrums that draws us, their hearts are so pure. I love babies, snot and all. The airplane came from ebay, and I am about the least "with it person that I know", but I can pretend, right? It is fun trying anyway.

Just Being Me said...

Trina - you always give me such a good laugh. You're right if we did half those things they would put us away. Ah what being little and adorable does for a person.

.........just Fee will do! said...

You painted the picture SO well! Your Roman is a cutie!

Love Fee(was Fiffi)

Beth said...

Great List...I was just picturing you doing all those things. That would be pretty funny.

Leah said...

Hehheee! That's too cute! You are so creative Trina! Love your humor!
Hugs to ya!

Anonymous said...

That is quite possibly one of the funniest things I have read...ever. My kids were asking me what I was laughing at. ha! TOO funny.

Just Being Me said...

Okay call me a geek, but I just realized that when you click on your header coffee cups fly out. Way cool!

la bellina mammina said...

That is SO funny and true too! How I wish I could do exactly what baby does when he's dissatisfied with some things!