Wednesday, February 14, 2007

February 14th Countdown!

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!There is just something about helium balloons!
Even better when you get

This scattering of chocolate brought the chocolate hound around. (Roman) He kept sniffing them out, we eventually had to hide them...

Den bought me a dozen roses, but they were obviously throw into the will be arranged properly and lovingly by the female in the house.

No, I dont care that he felt a wee bit pressured....hehehe

Last night before I went to bed Den said that he had to run outside to the truck for something. I said, "What for, its freezing out there?"
He said, "Just forgot something, go to bed."
So I obeyed, but said, "Hurry Up!" hehehe (Im bossy that way.)

Pretty soon, he joined me and said, "Happy Valentines Day" for the second time that evening. I chuckled and said, "It's not, technically, Valentines Day yet." He said, "I know".
Then, before dawn, while Mr. Rooster is cockadoodling, Den rolls out of bed. I question sleepily, "Where are you going?"
He says, "To check on the boys."
I wonder outloud, "Why?"
He says,"I'll be right back."
So I listen to some hubbub in the other room, but I'm too tired to investigate.
Eventually Den climbs back into bed.
Fast forward to 7am. I can hear that the entire family is up so I need to start my day.
Through bleary eyes, I open the bedroom door only to find all these goodies surrounding my computer desk. Why my computer desk, because he knows thats normally the first place I plop down at.
Of course, all the boys stand around waiting for my reaction. Abram is jumping up and down asking me, "Do you like it Mama? Don't you like it?"
I smile, turn around, and give Den the biggest hug and tell him, "Happy Valentines Day!"
If you go read my sister's post it cracks me up!! She hates Valentines Day and even tells her hubby NOT to do anything for her!! She has some pride on this holiday, I, on the otherhand, have none, and even help Den with the countdown. I'm pathetic....I know! hehehe


The Martin's said...

Hi Sis.. too funny. We are so much alike in some ways, and so Not in others. Such as this holiday. But.. I am glad dear brother inlaw is taking Really good care of you, and he did a really good job. You got to love him for that.

Happy Day to You! Dont scarf all those chocolates at once now.

Kim in Idaho said...

It is funny how you and your sister make me laugh for such different reasons! It is such a blessing to get to know the both of you. I look forward to the days ahead and sharing the many blessings (and trials) that God gives with you both.

Enjoy your chocolates and the special day with Den.

Anonymous said...

Aww..that is SO sweet. =) Always nice to know you are loved!!! And of course its ok to make the men feel pressured!! ha! If we didn't...they might just not do anything...and we all know THAT won't work. hehe Happy Valentines day. =)

Just Being Me said...

How nice it is to be loved and to show that you're loved. I love the pictures - thanks for sharing. I like Valentines day too!

Have a Happy Valentine's Day - enjoy.

marykathryn said...

Such a sweet man..maybe he has rubbed off on my man cuz he been doing better lately with the whole romance stuff...I knew your guys' friendship would come in handy some day..hehe
Great job Dennis!!!!

Nicole said...

THAT WAS SO SWEET!!! I was talking out loud to the computer on that one. That is just the sweetest image of "all your boys" waiting for you. THAT is why having all boys is so special. You are THE girl. Ya know. Loved it! Happy Valentine's Day!!

Randi said...

Sweet stuff, for sure!

Happy Valentines Day!

momto3blessings said...

Happy Valentines Day!

Your Den sure loves you! He is awesome! He knows how much you love the holiday and he made it special. You deserve it Trina.

Good Job Den.

I love that the boys were waiting for you. How cute is that?

Michelle said...

oh, thats just too sweet!
Love the flowers ~
Hope you have a blessed Thursday!

Leah said...

Looks like your hubby took good care of you too! It's nice to be appreciated. =)

Okay, off to read your sister's post! I didn't even know your sister had a blog. Neat!

By the way, have I told you your blog looks great? It's so you!!!