Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Finishing up Winter

This is a picture off our deck. The chicken coop door is wide open so the chickens and our duck can roam freely in the winter, and yet return to their house at night.

It was still brisk, but the snow was now leaving. After our schoolwork the boys and I had stepped outside to clean up some yard debris, which means we used the burn barrel. We had old weeds, broken wood chunks, and old hay that had been waiting to be burned in a pile. Abram was all in a tither because he loved it when everyone was outdoors together, and to top it off there would be a fire. Roman was warmly bundled in the sling, and with every slight breeze that would pick up he would take a surprising gasp and kick his little feet. At first I worried it would be too much, but in between he would squeal with delight. Most of the stuff was very damp since the snow had been very deep for many months, but once the fire got hot enough it began to engulf everything. You could smell the fire, feel the heat, and I stood outside and looked at the view. It was spectacular. You could still see the whisperings of snow across the mountains, and there was still remants on the ground around us. However there was enough brown dirt revealed to have lots of promise that Spring was soon upon us.

As the fire continued, we came into the house to eat some Top Ramen. The coats were stripped off, faces were stained pink as we opened the door to a gush of warm air. I put on some southern gospel so that it could lightly pipe in the background. Everyone was excited to see such an improvement in the yard. Abram had rediscovered some old toys that had been buried in the sandbox under the snow. He had brought them to the dining table to admire them and tell them how much they were missed. Also while eating, we looked out to the clothesline and saw the clothespin bag had been shredded from the harsh winds that beat on our house all year long, and yet perched on top was a beautiful serene bluebird. We talked about what a neat picture that would be, a beautiful spring bird perched atop a green, wind shredded bag, it looked like an odd combination, but ironically pretty.

As we finished up our lunch and the boys began milling around we could still smell the fire on our clothes. The boys commented about looking forward to camping and fishing and all the great stuff you get to enjoy in the Spring and Summer. I felt a breath of relief rush over me, thankful to see the snow leave and thrilled to be anticipating warmer weather soon.


Renee said...

What a beautiful description, I almost felt like I was there. Sounds like y'all had a nice day together.

Beth said...

Sounds like it is time for spring cleaning!!! Good thing you have all those great boys to help you!!! Like the picture too. I have never seen your place before....great view!!!

momto3blessings said...

I love the picture. I love that view how awesome. Im also looking forward to spring.

steff81 said...

I absolutely love Winter. It's my favorite season of all, but there is something so special about the snow melting and the days beginning to warm. Your description was perfect!!! And what a great view :o)

Pirate said...

fading snw, ducks, chickens and burn barrels how I yearn for country life again. You put me right in the fun of raising kids again.

You are an inspiration for your children the rest of us thank you for it.

Nicki said...

Trina, what a beautiful view you all have! Sounds like a wonderful day.

chesneygirl said...

What an AWESOME view! I'm jealous!

Just came across your blog.
FIVE BOYS?!?! Wow! You are a saint! :)

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Reading this defines what staying at home with your kids is all about. Life is happening all around us, whether we take time to notice it or not.

Trina said...

Renee: It was a nice day, and it felt good to get it all cleaned up around here.

Beth: The boys are a huge help, and they love burning stuff.

Cheryl: Honestly, the view is still amazing to me sometimes.

Steff: I wish Winter was my favorite season. The snow lasts from November through March or sometimes April though.

Pirate: Raising kids, especially boys in the country has been cool. And thank you for the warm words.

Nicki: I need to get out and enjoy the view more now.

Chesneygirl: Welcome to my blog, make sure to stop by often. 5 is awesome!

Stephanie: Life is good with kids, thats for sure!

Neurotic Mom said...

That is awesome, you just reminded me how much i despise living in the city.

McSwain said...

What an amazing, gorgeous view! I am so very jealous. :)

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