Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A Day in the Life.....

These are some pictures of homeschool moments. We try to get our school work done first thing in the morning, but this isnt always possible. We start off at the dining room table, and we have a large chalk board hanging along the dining room wall. This was one of my best investments. I love being able to get a main idea written on the board for all the boys to see, plus there is something about doing work on the board that gives them a little extra motivation.

My oldest son, River, is now in high school, and no longer having me plan his yearly academics. He has been enrolled in an accredited school that keeps his grades and transcripts for his diploma.

The other boys do Saxon Math, Math U See, Understanding Writing, and other main subjects that you would cover in a public school system, but we get to choose how we want to learn it. Whether its a book, movie, field trip or a unit study we get the job done and decide how they will best digest the information. The boys are involved in sports throughout the year, and are in 4-H as well. The bottom right hand picture is a group of homeschooled and 4-H kids learning how to make homemade soap. Between sports, 4-H, and church activity we keep the tires hot on the suburban. We stay incredibly busy inside and outside of the house, however homeschooling is just as much about teaching them to be good men someday. We focus on right and wrong, getting along with one another, obedience, independent skills, but also having some amazing debates about historical or scientific studies. It's a fulfilling lifestyle for us, and I highly recommend it....LOL


Nicki said...


I just get so excited when it comes to the topic of learning and even more excited when it's through homeschooling. We don't 'officially' start our homeschooling until August but I'm already so excited. Oh, the things we will do!

I may be asking you to share some of your knowledge in this area as time goes by. Thanks so much for sharing this little bit with us. Feel free to blog about homeschooling anytime! LOL!

momto3blessings said...

Trina, Thanks for giving us a glimpse into a day into your homeschooling life. As we homeschoolers know everyday can be so different.Sometimes we have a day planned then we start something that ends up getting so interesting we spend the whole day on that one topic .

Nan said...

Why do you live so far away? I just know you are a "bosom friend" waiting to happen!
I know I have more than plenty of time before I have any high schoolers but can I ask what organization/school you go through for River? Is it an online academy?
We are also doing Saxon. We use Apologia for Science, Susan Wise Bauer's STORY OF THE WORLD for History, HWOT for writing. And for now he is just doing a few chapters of whatever book he is reading for his reading lessons. Sometimes I have him write a book report/summary.
My problem right now is storage. Our house was built with NONE so I live in perpetual clutter because we have nothing when it comes to storage. I seriously am about to put this house up for sale and just move!!
Thanks for the glimpse into your day!

Trina said...

Nicki: Oh the good old days of just beginning the journey. What fun! I would love to help you anyway I can.

Cheryl: I love days like that. Where you start off thinking you are going to just dabble in something but the kids end up eating it up and you just can't stop. Those are the best HS days.

Nan: I am sure we would be fast friends! No we arent doing an online academy although Cheryl is for Joshua so she could help you in that area. We are enrolled with American Schools. Its a pretty basic High School curriculum, but we want to do some extra things on the side with him. He is getting his electrician apprentice card this month so he can learn this trade part time. He would like to become a journeyman by the time he is 19. So we will be juggling both academics and this apprenticeship program as well. He will be very busy, but he is thrilled.

momto3blessings said...

Nan: Thank You for sharing what you use for curriculum. Can I ask what grade you use these for? I have been trying to figure out what to do with Micah next year he will be 3rd grade. And you reminded me of apologia for science so i ordered it tonight and I am going to order the handwriting without tears i think that will really help Micah with his letter formations. And I am looking at the story of the world too. This has really helped me.

Beth said...

Trina...thats pretty neat to see everyone in action. We haven't decided if we are going to home school Luke or not. I guess we have a few years to decide. It probably depends on where we live and what the schools are like. I know it is hard work to home school....just not sure if I will be deciplined enough to do it. Sounds like you have a good system down.

steff81 said...

Homeschooling sounds so neat. I'll seriously consider it when I have kids. Right now I'll just settle for a regular old classroom.

Have a fantastic week!!!

Neurotic Mom said...

I have trouble keeping up with 2 kids i can't imagine 5, looks like you are doing a great job with them.

Mother On an Island said...

Trina, thanks for a bit of insight regarding your homeschooling days. I can't imagine doing it myself, but have daydreamed about it. I think I'd get too distracted. I'm sure that a ton of self-discipline is involved. But it also sounds like having a good curriculum to work with can help you keep "on task". Is it hard to get the diploma at the end of the road? Does the state grant it, or are certain tests involved?

Joe said...

Sounds like an amazing way to not only teach the children, but to strengthen the family bond. I admire you for not only taking on the challenge, but for throwing yourself into it with such abandon and dedication.

Trina said...

Beth: It took us awhile to decide which route we wanted to go. We have dabbled in both, but homeschooling seems to fit our lifestyle and vision for us.

Steff: With being a teacher you should have no problems, although you dont have to be a brainiac to accomplish this goal. I'm sure not! LOL Its an amazing way of life for you and your kids.

neuroticmom:Well 2 is plenty..haha 5 is a challenge but once you've mastered 2 then you know what you are doing anyway, right? Plus my older boys help out so much with the younger ones, so its like having more help rather then more work really. Half full or half empty mentality I guess.

motherisland: Well there is lots of programs to achieve a diploma. Its easy as far as very accessible, but River is taking all the same courses he would be if he were in public and jumping through all the same hoops, but we do it at home. Its different then the system we were used to before High school. The boys legally in the state of WA. have to take a state test annually to make sure that they are keeping up too.

Joe: Thank you for that Joe. I really do enjoy it all. You have one time through the parenting thing so let's jump in with both feet, right?

Renee said...


I'm so impressed. I can't even begin to imagine what it would be like to homeschool mine and I just have two that are school-age. Thanks for the peek into your life!