Friday, March 17, 2006

5th Baby / 1st Sling

I do declare, he loves it! I decided to buy a sling for Roman. I have never owned one before because normally my babies aren't fond of them. It seems like the carriers you buy at the store are very limited, however this Etc. Sling is wonderful. I can carry him facing out, in, on my hip, on my back facing out or in, carry with one shoulder or both. This is the sling for me. This sling fits me and even Levi, because you can tighten it for either size. This sling can be worn by a tiny baby or a toddler, okay there is no pay off for me sharing this, so believe me when I say its been amazing for me.

When I pulled it out of the package I was relunctant to get too excited, but it came with a dvd showing you how to use all the positions, thankfully, because at first I was down right confused. Then the lightbulb went off and now I feel like I am an old pro. I actually can get him on and off all by myself very quickly.

I guess I am sharing this, new to me, invention because it has been a lifesaver while I am running around. I was at wrestling practice from 5:30-8:00pm last night and he slept most of the time while I wore him. Normally I am trying to figure out what to do with his little body so it doesn't get trampled over at these hectic, kids rolling around, activities. There were so many coats, shoes, sweats all over the gym that I was afraid to put him on the blanket for fear he would look like all the other mess and get squished. I also loved the idea that he wasn't laying on the drafty, hard, cold gym floor. He was right where he belongs, listening to my heartbeat and smelling my Chai Tea breath...hehehe. (He doesn't have to know that isn't what regular oxygen smells like yet.)

So Saturday is going to be crazy. Dennis is in charge of bracketing and staging, River and Isaiah will be reffing, Levi and Abram will be wrestling. I am committed to an entire day at the concession stand for our Little Guy Wrestling tournament. I was wondering how I would accomplish this with little Roman and everyone else preoccupied, but then thought I would cross that bridge when I got to it, (this is how I normally solve the world's problems), but now I know. Sling!!

Dennis saw me wearing him at wrestling practice and he said, "Oh honey, that is just the sweetest thing I have ever seen. It almost looks you are pregnant, but we get to see the little guy." I cocked my head to the side optimistically and said, "Well maybe YOU can wear him for awhile on Saturday too."He chuckled heartily, shook his head, and said, "Are you kidding me? What part of looking pregnant did you not understand, I am not wearing him at a wrestling tournie." *Giant smile* Hmmm...Welp, you can't blame a girl for asking.

The site for this sling is at Super sweet lady, and oh...BONUS... you get to pick out your material.


Beth said...

Trina...that is pretty neat. It looks pretty comfortable. The one I had when Luke was a baby was from Target and was not the easiest thing to use....hurt my shoulders even when Luke was really little. My mom gave me one that she had when I was a baby called a snuggly. It has really nice pads on the shoulders and is a lot more comfortable. I am sure I will use that one next time we have a little one. Or I might look into the one you got since it is so versital.

Nicki said...

Oh, he looks so happy being worn by his Momma! Too cute.

I wish I had known about these! I never did an actual sling with my kids. I did the little Snuggly carriers quite a bit around the house but they weren't exactly comfortable for me.

It looks like my sister is going to have to return full time to her job after her maternity leave though. So, I'm going to have my nephew during the day. I may look into getting one for him. That way I can just wear him while I'm homeschooling Sis and tending to the two younger ones. Thanks for the 'product review'! :)

Pirate said...

anything that makes the baby raising years easier is a God send. Cute kid. Great smile.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

OH- of course I am loving it! I am so glad you find the sling helpful-I know how it is to start late in the game- just getting "hooked" with my 3rd child, but it is great! Be prepared to be stopped & asked about it everywhere you go!

Trina said...

Beth: Its very comfortable, I would recommend it with your next one for sure. I can't believe your Mom still has the one she carried you in, that's pretty neat.

Nicki: You should look into it. The best selling point with this one is that with the double shoulder hold you can actually use your hands without feeling like you need to support him.

Pirate: Amen to that!! He smiles at the drop of a hat, thankfully.

Stephanie: Yeah I have been asked about it ALOT! Everyone thinks its amazing. I wish I had known about this with my 1st one on down to this one, but at least I have it now. My girlfriend wants to share it tomorrow to see if it will work with her 10 month old little girl, so we shall see how it goes.

jeneflower said...

This is perfect. I used a sling for my youngest son, but it was only useful for little infants. This one looks like it grows with the child. I am getting ready to post a list of must-buy items for young toddlers to my blog (probably Sunday night). I will add this to my list and link your post. Thanks!

Mother-of-Hope said...

Aw, I love the slings! Mine is different, but I can't imagine life without it. That's cool that Levi can wear him, too! I never thought of letting Hope try it. Good idea!

BTW, I LOVE your kitchen! I left you a post on PW! ;-)

momto3blessings said...

I love it Trina. Im so glad you are enjoying it. If I ever have another baby i am definately buying one.

Trina said...

Jen: Oh what a great idea, and I will be sure to check that out at your site as well this weekend.

Motherofhope: The sage green cabinets make me very happy...hehehe I replied back at the PW board BTW.

Momblessings: I just got back from the tournament and he slept for quite a while in it. I was thankful for it today.

Erin said...


What great pictures and description of the sling (like being pregnant but able to see him!)! I'm so glad that "everyone" is loving the sling. It's fun to be a part of keeping babies held close and connected--and knowing that I'm helping Mom's to get something done at the same time is my bonus!

Thanks for letting me in on your blog. You have a gift with the written word--so fun to read!

P.S. Sometimes deciding on the material is the hardest part! LOL!


Slings and More!

Renee said...

I never tried one of those, but it does look pretty comfortable and natural. I would say, 'Maybe, next time . . ' but there's not going to be a next time for me. :(

RANDI said...

The sling looks like a perfect way to keep the baby close! I love the picture of your son toting the baby too!

scahays said...

That baby is soooooooooo adorable!!!

jencc said...

I love the sling! I have a ringsling (actually, FIVE of them!), a pouch and a wrap. I'm such a sling addict! My 15 month old used to love it, but now that he's walking, he doesn't like it too much anymore.

I also think it's so cute that his brother wears it.

I'm dying to do you homeschool the boys PLUS do the chores? I'm so amazed!