Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Flu Came Knocking, and We Let It In

The flu has reared its ugly face in our house. We had hoped it would pass by our door, but it decided to come on in. It began with Abram as we were heading home from the funeral, then Roman, myself, and now Dennis. So that's four down and three to go.

Dennis got up this morning to head out for work when everyone in the house commented on how he looked like death warmed over. He agreed that he felt like it, but he was still intending to head out the door. As he slothfully dragged his body to the couch to put on his work boots, I questioned whether he should be out and about in his condition. After some coaxing he agreed to stay home. After all, one day wasn't going to shut down our business.

He started off thinking he could tackle some paperwork at home, but after checking on him, I found him lying on the bed fully clothed and moaning. (He doesn't handle illness well).
I started him a warm bath,( my cure for everything), and made sure the temperature was perfect for an aching body to escape in. Complaining all the way that it wasn't going to help, he climbed into the steamy bath. Once there I rubbed his head and poured warm water over him. I could see that this small deed was working wonders. I left him there to soak it all in, as I laid out his warm sweats, t-shirt, and soft fuzzy socks. Once dressed he reclined in his favorite chair with a warm blanket so he could watch the hub of homeschooling. Before we knew it, soft snoring was coming from across the room. We glanced up from the kitchen table only to see an exhausted, open-mouthed, Dad deep in well deserved sleep.

Dennis has always requested homemade chicken and dumplings on days like this, but today he was too sick to care. Why is it so hard to get a grown man to stop everything and take care of himself, but once you do he becomes completely helpless? Well, my poor man is out for the day, and we are hoping for a quick recovery.


momto3blessings said...

AWe im so sorry to hear you guys have been sick. The fluis so horrible. I hope everyone is on the mend very soon. You take such good care of Den. Im sure he appreciates it.

Trina said...

Thanks. I know you guys haven't been well either. In fact I have read a few blogs now that have said that they have been sick. It's that time of year.

Mother-of-Hope said...

I'm behind on your blog, but just wanted to ask if everyone is doing better at your house???

I hope so! :D

Trina said...

Not yet, but we are on our way. It seems to take forever for a cold or the flu to runs its course through everyone. Roman is better though, so that is the biggest relief.