Thursday, February 02, 2006

City Girl vs. Mountain Girl

This is a picture of Isaiah, 13.

Before I share this next story I must tell you that I was born and bred a city girl. Yes, a CITY girl. I was raised in a beautiful town that still feels like home to me, and probably always will. Where the challenges of getting from point A to point B were clocking how long it would take me to cross traffic during rush hour, and what tempo to put the windshield wipers on to fight the constant rain. Snow was a word we used one time a year, that let us out of school and all other household duties. We would pray that we would have enough snowfall to make a snowman the size of a dwarf, and we would drink hot cocoa to ring in the one day winterfest.

So when my husband and I decided to move up near the Canadian border, we were familiar with the climate change, and the lifestyle that came hand in hand. Of course if we had decided to buy a quaint, small, run-down home in town none of these articles would be written.My life would be about very different issues. However we chose to live atop a mountain, breathtaking, but full of city girl challenges. Now keep in mind I live in a house full of men, (only men) so these are not obstacles in their minds, its a way of life. I have decided to try to take on the same positive outlook as much as possible too.

So on this one evening I had taken Isaiah down our mountain to wrestling practice, as it is our afternoon ritual. The practice starts in the late afternoon, and by the time it is done it is early evening. We all know that the sun sets way too early this time of year, and so we are always driving home in the dark. The snow had been coming down all day, it was a brutal winter storm. There had even been talk of white out conditions across parts of the valley. When Isaiah and I arrived at the bottom of our driveway I realized that I would be hardpressed to get up it. Its a narrow drive, 1/3 of a mile, and once you lose momentum you are stuck. Not only stuck, but then blocking it and rendering it impassable. So I thought better of taking the risk. Now mind you, I have been stuck more times then I can count, and being that we keep a couple of shovels with us in the back of the suburban, I knew that with some brute strength I could dig out of almost any circumstance. I, however, just wasnt up to the possibility this night. So Isaiah and I decided to leave the suburban parked at the bottom of the driveway. So we prepared for our trek up the snowy graveled road.

We made sure our coats were buttoned to the top and we put on our old standby hats and slammed the door of the truck. Once the headlights were shut off it took us a minute to adjust our eyes. The night was dark and the snow was still tumbling down. We paced ourselves up the steep drive visiting about what new wrestling moves he learned, who weighed what at the last tournament, and when was his next match. You could hear the coyotes howling and our dog Copper barking to keep them at bay. All things that should have scared a city girl, but being as we have lived in this terrain for over 4 years, they were just familiar sounds on our jaunt. When we got to the top of the drive we saw the welcome sight of warm yellow lights aglow in the house, and I smiled at Isaiah and said remember these moments because I always will. He smiled at me and said, "How could I ever forget." As for me, I never thought that these would be the moments I would be sharing with my sons. You just never know the different paths that life will take you.


Salena said...

I truely hope some day Trina I can have that kind of relationship with my boys! (tearing up)

steff81 said...

That is a great post! It makes me think of me and my dad. I'm an only child and sometimes I felt like he might have been disappointed because I wasn't a boy. Let me clarifly that he NEVER said or did anything to make me think that. I just never enjoyed the same outdoor and sport things that he did. It wasn't until high school that we finally found some common ground. And for that I am so very thankful. Again, what a wonderful post!

Also, off topic, which blog did you find first? Mine or Mike's...lately I've been sending a few people his way and I think he should give me some

Trina said...

I have thought of my Dad and I's relationship many times throughout the years,and this has made me keep my relationship with my boys strong.
Okay, I will assure you that I came upon your blog first. Yeah, you should DEFINITELY get credit for that...LOL.

momto3blessings said...

What a wonderful post Trina. You are such a wonderful Mom to your boys!

Mike said...

Those kids keep ya busy I'll

Kim said...

Great post! :) My hubby would love to live out in the woods like that. Maybe one day we will. ;)

Tisha said...

This made me tear up! I knew that coming to this blog would, but I was feeling nostalgic this morning. Trina, I am so glad you made these memories with your boys. I hope that I have made memories with my children for them to remember when I am gone.