Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Peek in to the Life.....

My name is Trina. I am a 34 year old Mom to 5 beautiful homeschooled sons. I have been married for 17 years to a wonderful man, Dennis, that I can honestly say is my best friend. My boys' names and ages are River 15, Isaiah 13, Levi 10, Abram 4, and Roman 2 months old. My mood of writing changes from day to day. Sometimes I can be serious and nostalgic, and at other times I may have a humorous look at all the chaos. I hope you enjoy my personal slant of my life and get to know who I am through my words.

We live in a small town in Washington. Its an apple orchard community and is very tight knit. Our family lives about 7 miles out of town and up a mountain. We own 20 acres and live in a small home with a shop. Our elevation is at 3,000 feet, and so it makes for very snowy winters. My husband and boys love it, and as for me, well it depends on the day and the circumstances.
Winter time is my least favorite, not because I don't see the beauty in snow, but for the amount of it we receive. It is so deep, at times, that it can make it a journey just to get to the suburban. I always look forward to the Spring and the beautiful sunny days.

Today we have so much snow that it is at least 3 ft. deep right outside our front door. As I sit here typing I can hear the wind whipping around and I see snow crystals forming on my windows. The house is a bit chilly even though the heat is running full steam ahead trying to keep up with the chill outside. A friend of ours plowed our long driveway last night, and I cannot express my gratitude for his thoughtfullness. He let us know, however, that if the snow didnt let up soon that he would be hard pressed to plow us again. So I pray that the snow stops soon.

This mountain that we live on is every man's dream. Well every mt. man's dream, I guess I should say. It is full of deer, bear, and every other little creature that you can think of. During hunting season this land is crawling with orange vests and men underneath them. This is a prime hunting location for sure. We have no neighbors living close by. We do have an empty house next door, but the man who owns it only visits a few times a year. There are hunting cabins leading off of our driveway, and that gives us welcomed company at certain times of the year. The land is gorgeous. Our view is of snow capped mountains and the Columbia River. Our home is meager and small, but you won't hear my husband or our boys complain. They love the great outdoors and there is plenty of that around here.

Well that is all for now, I will write more soon.


momto3blessings said...

What a great Blog! I cant wait to read more. You are a great writer very detailed I feel like I am right there with you.

One loved little boy said...

Trina, how lovely it is to hear you speak your heart. You sound like a woman who is happy to have landed right where she did. Being content in this day and age is nearly impossible. Practically the whole world wants us to want something else just as sooon as our latest desire has been gratified. To be content is thoroughly underrated, and most difficult- don't you think?

Trina said...

I whole heartedly agree. Contentment truly is a mindset. Every life has trials, and every life has blessings. It's which one you focus on that's the key.

Denise JoAnn said...

Hi Trina,
Those of us who live in the city (Chicagoland) are salivating at this post. Can I come? :)

Kate said...

Wow! I would love to see pictures of the part of God's great land you live on! It just sounds so breathtaking! :)