Friday, December 02, 2011

Watch Out For My Coffee!

Shouldn't my house smell like coffee?Not because I am brewing a fresh divine pot, but because more coffee has been spilled in this house then lysol!

This is where today's post begins...

I'm lodging a complaint or maybe it's a conundrum....

You see I get my hot cup of coffee with creamer and I find myself a little spot to enjoy it while I'm on the computer, or on the phone and I nestle in. Sounds all cozy and harmless, right? Well, herein lies the problem.

No matter WHERE I place this precious cup, in between my scrumptious sips, someone will knock it over. It's almost a talent that we have been born with. Sometimes it's a foot, or a light saber, or something else gets knocked over along side it and like a domino effect causes the coffee to drain into my many colored living room rug (strategically chosen just for coffee spills). I'm starting to think I need to have a category on my blog labeled "coffee spills", trust me it would be chug-full!

You see, coffee stains! It's hot brown liquid that is very difficult to get out of stuff unless you get on it right away, and then it really only depends what it was spilled on and how much of it, which in this story is often an entire cup.

Now I'm going to give myself proper credit here and admit that I have spilled my fair share of cups while lounging in my bed. Sometimes I spill it without any help from an outside source, but this is often not the case, often the case is some little human will come pouncing on my bed unannounced unexpected and when I say pounce I mean "tigger" pouncing! It sounds all Hallmark commercial, but believe me in THAT moment with hot brown liquid rolling all over white sheets and king size comforter... IT'S NOT!

Okay let's go back in time to as recent as yesterday. While on the phone Abram is asked to get me a cup of coffee , please. He is obedient. I am sitting on my green couch and as he walks up to me with the piping cup of joe JUST as he is about to hand it to me....JUST before we make physical contact he looks away. I grapple for it knowing that this is THAT moment. But in this very short spurt of time he spills it all over the green ottoman that is in between us. Here's the clincher, he doesn't even notice.

Poor phone comrade has to hear the rant again about how the child shouldn't look away with such an important task, how coffee stains, and now said child must run and get a bowl of hot soapy water so I can scrub the ottoman. blah blah blah....which I'm pretty sure is what the boy actually hears.

I am getting so nervous about my cups of coffee, anymore,that IF I place my cup down on the floor I have it strategically placed (so out of the way from anyone) that it's even inconvenient for me to reach it, or I will place it in between my feet and my feet are placed around it as if they are cupping it like hands. I find that no matter how many ways I try to protect the rug, ottoman, carpet, quilt, sheets from this powerful liquid it manages to find it's way to them.

I would love to say that the story ends with me saying to my friend that is on the phone, or to clumsy child, or to myself, "Ohh don't you worry about it, I can take care of it later!" "Let's just enjoy NOT cleaning it and go about doing NOTHING! What a glorious day!" But it doesn't...Im not going to lie...IT DOESN'T!

Nope this is the tale (I typed tail and realized that this may look like a bad homeschool mom moment) that ensures that all my children will have to go into therapy....

Go enjoy a good cup of coffee...but don't say you weren't warned!


Anonymous said...

Same problem but with iced tea! Kids!

Love JoAnn

Trina said...

For sure JoAnn!! hahaha

Jenn said...

I was just thinking about how having 5 kids 6 and under means I haven't enjoyed a HOT cup of coffee in a long time. I am getting used to cold coffee on the drive to school. :/ this post made me giggle!