Sunday, November 20, 2011

Roman's 6th Birthday!!

Having a 6 year old in the house is the best! The exuberance and excitement is highly contagious! He keeps us all laughing and smiling all the time!!

Roman has a quiet maturity about him that speaks for itself. He is in a small body, but he is an old man waiting to break out of the cocoon. He is the little boy that takes whatever you say, LITERALLY! Since we know this strong trait about him we have some pretty good chuckles when he misunderstands a common phrase.

He is in Kindergarten this year. I am homeschooling him. So when someone asks him if he is in school, which is really them asking him if he is old enough to be in a grade, he says, "Well I'm homeschooled." He says it with a tone that makes it sounds like he knows he should say it, but that he doesn't really think it counts in real life. Every time I smile!

He makes sandwiches, cereal, and cold drinks for Boaz and him daily. Not because he has to, but because he wants to. He is all ready to tackle a challenge. If he is asked to go clean something or put something away he runs to accomplish it. He doesn't complain, he actually loves the responsibility and that we can count on him.

He was my first nurser. I never had the courage to try to breast feed my first 4 boys. He wasn't a great nurser (or maybe I wasn't), but we got through that turmultuous time together, forever forming a bond. Plus, he cleared the way for Boaz.

Even though Roman is son #5, he truly acts like a son #1 with the way he handles the big brother role with Bo. I watch his expressions, body language and the things that he says with intrigue. Who will he be in my world, in all of our worlds?. I don't know the answer, exactly, but I know that he has bettered ours in a way that a single post could never explain!

Happy Birthday Roman Ward!

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