Thursday, November 03, 2011

Fish Sticks

The house is full of 3 boys this morning. Levi is off working, which is his norm anymore. We have music playing in the background as all the chores are being caught up. Roman drifted outside in the backyard to explore while waiting for the fish sticks to get done cooking for lunch.

I hear the hum of the vacuum upstairs as Abram is finishing up his bedroom, because today we are restoring the room from the chaos of Halloween and all the candy trading that has been going on behind the scenes.

Boaz is the only one still underfoot waiting for the fish sticks. He was the one who came downstairs asking me to fix tacos. I knew that he had finally had his fill of Halloween candy when he is asking for a dinner meal at lunch. He is tired of all the sugar that has been running through his veins. I am glad to see him hunger for something more substantial too.

As I pull the fish sticks out of the oven to turn them for the final time he gets excited thinking that they are done. He wants to know if I'm going to "blow them up". I laugh and remind myself how cute his misuse of the english language is, and how it won't linger. He really wants me to blow on them because they are too hot. I sadly inform him that he must wait a tad longer and then I will blow on them for him. I make sure to find a cooked one off the edge and gingerly hand it to him. He happily tenderly reaches for it.

I love being a mom! I love all that entails! At times my nerves are frayed but nothing...absolutely nothing competes with all the amenities that motherhood brings!


Cyndi said...

Oh how I love to hear you talk about life with your family... I get such a feeling you are very content and fulfilled with your life.

So you are going to be a grandma! Congrats to everyone!

By the way, I love the blog makeover.

Trina said...

Being a mother is such a blessing! I really truly feel that way.

We will be grandparents in March. Den and I get giggly when we think about it and it's just between us. I can't wait!

Im glad you like the makeover. It needed it; I needed it! :)