Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Last Minute Covered Wagon

Setting: 3:30pm, after school. Abram climbs through window.

Mom: How was school Abram?
Abram: It was great! (insert details of his day)
Mom: Do you have some homework?
Abram: Yes, I have my weekly packet, no big deal.
Mom: So nothing needs to get done right now, though, right?
Abram: Right

Fast forward to 7:30pm

Abram: Moooooom?!
Mom: Yeah?
Abram: I have to make a covered wagon for school tomorrow and it has to be filled with all the stuff a family would have to pack for a 5 month journey to Oregon from Missouri.
Mom: What? It's due tomorrow? Are you serious, Abram?
Abram: Yep
Mom: Why are you JUST now telling me this?!
Abram: Yeah I didn't realize it until I saw something in my backpack.
Mom: Exasperated sounds that cannot be put into words!!!


Nicki said...

The climbing through the window thing will always crack me up!! Haha!!

And, that is a very good 'last minute' wagon!!

meNmykids said...

Good job, what is it with kids forgetting? You guys did great.

Lori said...

As a teacher, I got a big kick out of that one! Hahaa!! But seriously, that seems like a big project for one night! Great job!!

Trina said...

Yes Nicki this will be childhood memory that will get stretched from generation to generation someday! lol

Gale, I was just glad I had all the stuff. Homeschooling cupboard was full of all the goodies we needed!

Lori, Well after Abram came home he let me know that he was the only one who brought it, in fact he wasn't sure if it was even mandatory at all, but it certainly wasn't due that day if it is! *SIGH and Rolling Eyes*....but he got a lot of points for his Oregon Trail team! *Thumbs Up!*

Anonymous said...

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