Saturday, July 17, 2010

Just Another Saturday Morning

The house is full again. River is off and married now, but Isaiah returned home with us again. He is starting his second year of college this year and we have all discussed the pros and cons of living back at home for him, and all has agreed that living home is the most responsible choice. I'm thrilled!

This morning we rose to the two littles (Roman and Boaz) sitting in bed with us watching cartoons. The fan above was spinning and filling the room with a cool breeze, therefore the two littles were up to their ears in blankets. Every once in a while Boaz would find me or Daddy to kiss on us. You know all is right in your world when you are awakened with sweet baby kisses donated without any persuasion.

After dragging ourselves out of bed we went upstairs to start a pot of coffee and Den started his famous waffles. The stir of the coffee pot and waffle iron started bringing the rest of the herd out of their beds. Pretty quickly everyone is sitting around the dining room table and living room chairs visiting about all sorts of issues; a bank decision that needs to be resolved, work orientation that's coming up, how many applications another son filled out, the anniversary party that Den and I have to attend tonight, all the while, the younger three boys are sitting on the living room floor playing a board game and allowing Bo to play with the extra pieces. Happiness is.......

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