Monday, January 25, 2010

Feel The Love

You know what keeps troublesome times in perspective? Love.....It comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and forms of delight. Sometimes it comes to you person to person through a touch, or maybe it's the invisible words from a friend over the telephone line and it seeps into your pores and right in to your heart, all tasty; like honey to a pudgy bear. Yes, it shows up in many unique ways, but today my heart was dripping with it, all generously given by my baby.

I had sat in my recliner pondering life, relationships, etc and "Bobo" came dragging in Roman's terry soft "Cars" blanket behind him. He had a destination in mind and it was on my soft motherly lap. He smiled and sleepily smiled and clumsily climbed into my arms. He could have felt content at that point, but no, he planted a soft sweet baby kiss right on my lips; to which we both smiled silently at each other. I generously put cartoons on for him, just to secure this moment for a little longer. He turned around with his blanket and laid his round toddler head on my chest. I rocked him while looking out my window, and thought, "What a gift!" Toddlers know just when to come snuggle in. Maybe they can sense it, or maybe they are more in tuned with the Lord when he whispers the idea to go find mommy and hunker down with her for awhile. Either way, that sweet chunk of love was just what I needed. I have reflected about it off and on all day today......


meNmykids said...

Can I borrow him? I'm missing that particular shape of love. I love the way you expressed this!

Mrs.Martin said...

I can't wait to see him again. Babies are such blessings.

Madeleine said...

IT has been a long time since I have been in here, and evidently alot has happened!

CONGRATULATIONS!! on your son's engagement. :)

wOw!! How precious! I know what you mean about praying for our children's spouses. I have been doing it since they were little. My daughter got married on the 4th of July, and my son is engaged to the most delightful child!

And I have to say, I was SHOCKED when I saw your profile picture. It looks like Lorilai Gilmore!!!! I even called my youngest son over and asked him who that was. He concurred!

Madeleine said...

PS, sorry, I signed in under the wrong email account before!!

OH! And here is my proof!! lol.


Marisela said...

Babies are so sweet, and do know just the right times to cuddle.