Monday, October 05, 2009

Stop And Smell The Rubber

What joy the most simplistic item can bring children, and it's quite contagious. Bro. Matt and Sis. Tisha gave my boys a bag of goodies from Ruby's birthday party and inside the bag of many treats were balloons. Well those balloons have brought the boys in this house great joy!! Thankfully there were more than just a couple because you know how balloons happen to pop and fizzle while being played with by active little boys.

The first thing that Abram decided to do was to grab a marker and to draw faces on each of the balloons. This is when I realized that he has quite the artistic little flair. In fact, a couple of them made me giggle. Of course, I had to leave my own mark on the red one by drawing a jack o' lantern face. As I sat in the recliner, in the living room, the boys were all in a fervor over the balloons being bopped with intensity in to the air, and they would wait with loud panted breath as they would slowly billow back down, only to be hit with full steam in to the air again. The laughing that came from Boaz made the moment absolutely priceless. I had to get in on that action by batting a few ballons myself; making sure that the balloon was well placed above my 18 month old, who had his tiny pudgy arms extended as high they would allow so that he could tackle the colorful piece of stretched rubber. Oh the sound the ballon would make as it screamed out from the pressure and rubbing; all the while I would whence a little here and there waiting to see if the balloon would "POP"!

This activity burned me out after a few minutes but it kept my boys enthusiastic for about an hour as they came up with more and more games that tied in with the expressions that were drawn on the ballons. Having three little boys makes me so happy and causes me to stop and smell the.......uhhhh....rubber....hehehe


Lori said...

Sometimes we forget it's the little things that the kids love too! :-)

meNmykids said...

A simple pleasure, one of the best!