Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day Didn't Disappoint

Mothers Day was predictably wonderful. The boys didn't disappoint. They brought up a wonderful breakfast that was MY favorite. I love cream of wheat hot cereal and homemade cinnamon toast, of course let's not forget my cup of coffee with cream. It was so nice! Then out came the Mothers Day cards. It is so funny to see which cards each of the boys pick out. River chooses the more sappy grateful ones that are long and say everything, Isaiah's are more short and sweet but the photo on it normally says it all, and Levi is all about humor with a loving twist. I could have chosen which one was from whom blindly. My favorite part is to read what they personally write to me though. I am so sentimental about such things and it is by far my favorite part of each holiday. Those cards will go into my keepsake box, and will forever stay in my heart.

P.S. Abram made me a Mothers Day gift too. It was pen with a white flower glued to the top with green pipe cleaners wrapped around the length of it. He is the one the worries the most about the upcoming holiday and making sure that everyone gets a little something from him. :)


Lori&Kevin said...

Sweet...happy Mom's Day! :-)
And in answer to your comment over at my blog...we are trying to get pregnant. So maybe, maybe if it is in God's plan, I will get to be a Mom too!

Marisela said...

That is so sweet. You have such good boys.

meNmykids said...

I loved my mothers day also. What good boys you have, what wonderful husbands they will turn out to be for some girls.

Sis. Sabriena said...

Aw, what sweet boys. Or young men, I suppose I should say. But anyway, they're sweet. I'm glad you had a happy mothers day!

Sister D said...

I was remembering back when I first met you. We stayed with your family during a Valentines sing and You and your Sister's virtue and sweetness touched our hearts so much. I can see that same heart in each of your boys through what you write about them. I love when my children (I guess I should say young brethren) share what's in their hearts with me. It's sweet to hear your words of thankfulness too. What blessings from God each of us have been given in Faithful Sons and Daughters :)

Lord Willing we are planning on coming to see you and be in meeting toward the end of this month! I'll call you if it looks like it's working out