Thursday, April 30, 2009

Peculiar Sounds

What is that sound? I'm on the phone with Sis. Marisela, having a somewhat serious conversation but I keep hearing this loud clicking from the kitchen. As I continue droning on about this and that while she patiently listens to my enlightened self I am also hunting for the culprit of the peculiar sound. You see I can talk about deep subjects while mindlessly wearing my detective cap. It's a gift that I have been cultivating for many moons, don't be jealous!

At first I believe it must be my clunky dishwasher. I mean it runs continuously, or so it seems, and there must be a loose lid or cup or something or other, but this noise doesn't fit in to that sound pattern. The only other thing that is lit up in my kitchen as I pace the room back and forth, AGAIN while yacking, is my coffee pot. I dare unplug it..what will I do for caffeine stimulation? I begin to war with myself, "Maybe the sound isn't that intrusive after all", but no I decide to muster up the strength to unplug it. However, the continuous clicking still lingers on. Strange.... Then I realize it is coming from my new answering machine. Not again! You see I have so many phone issues that I am now convinced that it's a me thing, not a phone thing at all. I shared with Sis. Marisela my problem. I reveal to her my new conclusion. I have such powerful brain waves, APPARENTLY, that I blow out phone machinery. It, mysteriously, has followed me everywhere I go and now I know why. I am a mental genius and my phones can't keep up with my mental capacity. Well...I guess it's just something I have to live with....first my beauty and now my powerful painful, but we all have our trials.


meNmykids said...

Your phone issues are famous. I had already heard of them from years past and am surprised that they still exist. Good luck, maybe the "gift" will fade with time?

Sis. Sabriena said...

So what caused the clicking? Was it as humorous at the time as it was when you described it (obviously with humor in mind)?

Miss White said...

Wow, poor poor you. Some things are just hard to live with. Hey I have an Idea give all of your beauty and intelligence to me!

Trina said...

Gale: They are truly INfamous...hehehe I seriously don't know why I am plagued with all of my phone problems.

Sabriena: It was, indeed, my answering machine. I have no idea why it was clicking though. It hasn't since that moment. Yeah I was expressing my warped humor on Marisela why hunting for the sound...poor thing!

Miss White: How brave of you to take on my burdens/gifts/!! hahaha Ohhh if it was only true!!