Thursday, January 29, 2009

Questions Answered


I have received a steady stream of emails from good people since I started blogging asking me questions about my family and homeschooling. Most of the questions are pretty deep and I find them challenging to sum up on why or how we do something in a quick email, but I sure do my best. Hopefully, I haven't disappointed anyone. Most of those kinds of questions are better suited by watching someone's lifestyle and/or having MANY conversations over time about a subject; which I have had with some of you. I have thoroughly enjoyed them and have even giggled at some of your humor and conclusions about life raising many boys. Thanks so much for sharing with me.

So as promised (many times) I will write some of the lighter, funner questions to warm this post up. Then maybe next week I will hit on it again (dig into my emails, because I don't throw those kinds of emails away) but with more of a serious question or so. Maybe a few that I didn't feel like I was able to answer and maybe I didn't, on accident.

Okay Most Common Questions I get in an email, or even when I see a complete stranger and my six sons come up.

1. Oh My....Do you REALLY have six sons?
Answer: Yes.

Okay okay okay....I'm totally teasing....(but I do get that one ALL THE TIME!) I mean who would make that up, right?

2. How do you do it ALL?
Answer: I don't. My boys help me tremendously. They do their chores, and they babysit for Den and I frequently. They have really good hearts and they have pitched in around here since day one (don't tell them it's not normal). lol I would also say that there are many things that we don't do that smaller families do. I mean I used to be a smaller family with my first three and I began to see a change after the fourth, but more after the fifth and sixth. We don't grab the ENTIRE family to go to places just for fun, as much. My older boys don't want to go to McDonald's playland anymore. They will go with us if we promise them some food, but that isn't the way they want to spend their Saturday. If we do something as a family we do something here at the house. We divide our time amongst children while running errands and such, so that is how we do alot of things anymore. Of course, this doesn't include church or family trips, but overall we just don't do it ALL, in

3. How do you discipline your teens?
Answer: This is a funny one. I ground them or take something that they care about away. Honestly, they are good enough boys that I don't have to do it that often, but when I do it has a positive effect.

4. Do I secretly live in filth?
Answer: No....LOL! We can't afford to be lazy for long. I couldn't live that way. I have a hard enough time finding stuff in a clean house, I can't imagine not doing our chores everyday. Now I wouldn't say that everything is perfection. I know what that looks like. That is the way I was raised, to be honest. I was raised with only one sister and we kept our home ship/shape, but I have had to let some of those standards go. I didn't just wake up one day and say I'm not going to care about smudges on my windows, or dust on my entertainment center. Nope, I think after time you just HAVE to lower your standards here and there so that you can enjoy your family and your home. I know my boys still think that I have a ridiculously high standard, but I disagree. We let things accumulate from time to time and we don't get out the dustcloth as much as we could, and I have made wiser purchases over time. I choose things that are meant to look a little distressed (for the most part) and then I look like I'm on top of it all.....hehehe


5. How do you make time for your husband, and he for you?

Answer: That is THE most important thing to me, really. Den is my everything (besides the Lord). I count on him to keep me grounded, and to talk me off the ledge on a particularly challenging day. You know the kind where everything goes wrong at once. Before we had boys old enough to babysit we hired a babysitter weekly or bi-weekly. We weren't rich, by any means, but it was OUR time. We have always tried to respect our relationship enough to incorporate that into our lives. We also go to our room at the end of a long day, close our door (after the little ones are in bed) and just watch tv, snuggle and talk. I count on my time with him, he heals me up when I am tired and grouchy. I think if you want to know the truth behind raising a big family, it starts with the bond between husband and wife. Speak positive about what you have and are doing to each other, and tell them how good of a job you see them doing. It's too easy to talk about their shortcomings when you are stressed and exhausted (I've done that too many times), but the times that we build each other up the more we have to give to everyone.


meNmykids said...

You do great! Good for you.

JoAnn said...

You really do have 6 BOYS?? I am totally shocked! How did THAT happen? Uh...Nevermind.

Neena said...

Good questions and answers. I enjoyed reading through them. I would love to hear more! Don't forget or put off digging through those e-mails! I wish I could have gone to Church down there tonight, but I guess I don't know best, God does. Anyway, I hope I get to see you at the wedding, but the world won't cave in if I don't! I really do enjoy talking with you, though.

Lori said...

Thanks for letting us in to see a little more of your life. I always admire the appreciation you have for your family and how you don't take your blessings for granted. I loved what you said about lifting each other up. Great post!

Marisela said...

Good post! Your a fountian of wisdom. I enjoy you.

Sis Stubby said...

Sis, you are an amizing person.I would love to be able to sit down and have a cup of coffee with you.Maybe not in this life but the next.
I think you are doing a wonderful job.

Mrs.Martin said...

You really do.. Good for you.