Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Halloween School Party

Some of you asked me how my Halloween Party, at the school, for Abram went. The party didn't take place until Halloween, and so I finally can show you a little bit of what I brought for it. I didn't attend it this time because Den's employer passed away and his funeral was that afternoon, at the same time as the party. Abram was a little bit blue, but I tried to make up for it by making sure that there was plenty to look forward to for the second graders. Nevermind the fact that later that evening there would be trick or treating.

Aren't these cute? The bakery let me go in to the candy aisle and pick out a bag of candy with body parts and marshmallow ghosts. Abram said that they were a hit! Plus, the cupcakes were only $13.99 for 24.

Then I purchased these Halloween magnets. The kids got to put them together. They were foam pieces that were stickers on the back, even the magnet was a sticker. Then after putting them together I bought glitter color pens for them to decorate their spooky creations. I put two magnet sets in each sandwich bag for each student.

Then I bought a large bag of tootsie roll pops, tissue paper and some Halloween colored pipe cleaners and made these ridiculously easy ghosts. Just a little something for them to either eat or take home for later.

I couldn't resist this little cupcake holder. It was only $2.99. It was made of cardboard so it wasn't anything fancy, but it looked great with all the cupcakes and body


Lori said...

Wow! Will you be my room mom too?? You really went above and beyond!!

Mrs.Martin said...

Really Cute Trina!