Thursday, September 04, 2008

School Hiccups

Let's see.... how are things rolling with the school thing so far?..... Well we have already had our fair share of hiccups. Abram lost his Speed Racer lunch box, or was it taken by another student (accidentally)? The school and teacher's seemed very uninterested in helping us find it and said that they hoped it would show up eventually. *sigh* Therefore, we had to go out that very night to purchase a new one. *Ugh* The following day (yesterday) was his first day to ride the school bus EVER. He got on fine, after all I put him on in the morning, but the teacher failed to walk him to his bus after school was out. He was lost and wandering around the parking lot, thankfully Mary was there waiting to pick up her boys, saw him, and helped him back over to the line of buses to find it. It was a pretty big ordeal, and by the time Abram came home his cheeks were flushed and his ears were red with worry. Once the bus drove off in the distance he explained the scary incident and began to cry. I hugged him and reassured him that we would just ask the teacher for assistance the next day. Needless to say, that night I began to question myself and the whole public school experience thus far.

So today I put Abram on the bus and discreetly drove to the school to chat with the teacher. I wanted to catch her before any of the students arrived. I didn't bring Abram because I didn't want him to think that me and the teacher were at odds in anyway (which we weren't), because I believe in supporting the teacher as much as possible. After all, I understand that being a teacher to 21 students is quite the task. However, I don't want Abram to get overlooked either.

The experience with the teacher went well. At first, I could tell that she was defensive. I tried to put her mind at ease that I wasn't trying to "get on to her" but that we had to come to some sort of system that would help Abram find his way better. I think we came to a good mind, and of one mind, I sure hope so.

So far, Abram is enjoying it though. He did pray at dinner that they would start doing some serious schoolwork (which made me giggle quietly), he said he liked the bingo and stuff, but he was ready to get on with some math. Afterwards, I assured him that the serious work was coming; that the teacher was just easing them into the whole school book thing. Ohhhhh how that prayer will quickly change....LOL


meNmykids said...

Oh, how scary, but I'm sure he'll get it figured out quick. It must be a job to balance all the different things in your life right now. It always takes me a while to adjust after a baby.

JoAnn said...

Serious Schoolwork!! That is too funny. Ohh how I wish my kids would just do their serious schoolwork. After we got home from church last night Emily said "Oh gee, I forgot to do my homework tonight, or last night either." Needless to say we were up bright & early so she could get it done this morning!!

Laura said...

Scary, but before he knows it he'll have the bus thing down. Just like the serious work will begin before he knows it!

Lori said...

How scary! As a teacher it really upsets me that she didn't think to walk him to his bus the first day!! :-( Poor guy!

And, I am thinking that is one prayer that will FOR SURE get answered! hee-hee!