Tuesday, September 16, 2008

'Da Man

Oh these boys that come in all sizes and packages at this house. Each personality is so distinct that it is amazing that Den and I could have made so many combinations. Scary, really? lol

So let's discuss our 2 year old fireball, that goes by the name of Roman. He is a real crack up. He is one of my most headstrong children. The only other one that could compete with Mr. Roman was, or should I say is ,Isaiah. Oh mercy me these two boys have worked me over. Thankfully, they are equally as loving as the day is long.

The other day Den was doing something or other with Roman (it escapes me what), but at some point in their activity Dad rewarded Roman by cheering, "You are the man!" Now this saying is used quite loosely in this house. We say it when someone does a good job, or we may use it saracastically as well, however it is always done in love. Therefore, when Roman heard the term that HE was the MAN it stuck. He came bounding down the hall to me and said, "Mom.....Mom....Dad said I was da man!" Now Roman doesn't always speak so clearly, in fact most of the time I can't fully understand his banter, but this was crystal clear....hehehe I congratulated him on his new manly status with a smile and went about my chore.

Now fast forward a few days.

At least three days had gone by since this moment in time. I, of course, had forgotten all about it, but Roman, obviously, did not. I had placed a large opened bag of peanut M&Ms on the kitchen island. I had doled an even amount to all the children that were home at that time, and Roman hadn't been overlooked, however shortly after he had gobbled up his fair share I found his chubby/muscular body pulling itself up on the barstool that was conveniently located in front of the candy. He placed his wiggly hand inside the bag and I quickly snapped, "Roman no more." He frowned, turned to me and said, "Mom, I am da MAN!" I questioned what I heard and said, "What did you just say?" He replied quite emphatically, "DAD said I was da MAN!" I giggled and said, "Not today, you're not!" I chuckled, he didn't. He unhappily hopped down off the stool and came over to where I was sitting and he pounded his chest with his hand and sternly said, "Dad say I da Man, Mom." I returned his statement with, "You are a good boy, but you are not the man, and therefore no more candy."

Obviously, he wasn't pleased with MY perspective on his status, but he did obey me through some tears. It made me chuckle though. He remembers things like an elephant. So we MUST be careful......vewwwwy vewwwwy careful.....lol


Mom of 3, Aunt of 13 said...

I can so picture that. Poor Roman.

Mrs.Martin said...

That post made me giggle this morning Trina. In your household that would be The saying. LoL And for Roman to realize, that it equates, to getting more m&ms is a crack up. I just posted about Wyatt today too. You know what they say about great minds?!

Anonymous said...

LOL... ok, so what does that say about the "man " of the house? he is a perceptive little guy isn't he.

Den at work

Lori said...

That is a precious story! FUNNY!!

Neena said...

Hehe! How cute. Little kids...