Friday, September 26, 2008

Answered Prayers

How quickly life changes and marches on. The last few weeks have carried a lot of change with them. All good change, but I can only say that now that the anxious part is over. Or is it? lol

You homeschool your kids and you hope for the best. You have your days of doubt, you have your years of burn-out, and you also have such great years that you wonder if it really can be that easy (are you overlooking something important). Then your children reach an age of accountablity and the true test is finally on. That is what the last month or so has been for us at this house.

We enrolled Abram in school this year, as you know from reading a few posts back. He entered second grade and he is doing very well. Socially he has all the confidence in the world, which feels great (the socialization question that all of us homeschool moms get ribbed over is ridiculous!!). Academically he seems to be holding his own as well. I wasn't terribly concerned, but you always have that secret voice in your head that causes you to fear and question yourself.

Then River has been going through this very long process to join the Carpentry Apprenticeship Program. He joined the Laborers Union to get started working this summer in the construction field, but the boys want to go further in the construction field and therefore the goal has always been to educate them more in that direction. There are a series of tests, classes, and a huge interview process that everyone who wants to join the apprenticeship program has to undergo and today we finally got River's score back. When I saw the letter in the mail my heart skipped a beat, "What would it say?", "Would he be accepted and put on the eligible list?", "How high will he be ranked, after all 16oish people were applying." Well, upon opening the letter we discovered he scored a 96. YIPPEEE!!! So he should do great on the ranking list at this point. What a great victory for River! Thank you Lord for answering our prayers and helping him through the process.

On the same day I had to take Isaiah down to the community college and enroll him in classes. He is only 16, but he took a college placement test a couple of weeks ago and he passed everything. In fact, he did well enough on some of the scores that he doesn't have to take some prerequisite courses. So as of next Friday he will be taking two writing courses that will give him 3 credits for this quarter. We would love to put him in more, but we just can't afford it. We will be looking into applying for some grants and scholarships to help with tuition. But what a GREAT day for him. He received his student id for the college and he was on cloud nine, as was I.

So what an amazing day! What a blessing to see that the first two boys are well on their way. After all, they have to go and provide for their own someday. I feel like I have worried and prayed so much for them, and the Lord has been so gracious and answered many of our prayers. Not that there aren't many many more things I am praying for on their behalf, but God is good, and I want to thank Him today!!


Neena said...

That is really good news. God really is wonderful. Meeting was wonderful last night. Too bad you weren't able to make it. I just overheard part of a conversation, so I'm not sure I heard the right thing / understood it. Did Bro. Dennis have a toothache or something like that, then? I prayed for him, in any case, and I prayed for your whole family in case him having a toothache was just a misunderstanding of mine, and there was something else. I hope that everything continues to go well for River and Isaiah. They are really good boys. I guess that I should say men, since once you are in the Faith, you are pretty much an adult.

Sis Stubby said...

Wow what real blessing's God has given your family.

JoAnn said...

Congratulations to both of the boys. You guys are an inspiration to the rest of us.

meNmykids said...

Wow! What a wonderful thing for the homeschool mom to see. It gives me more confidence in our schooling to hear your success. Good job to you all.

Marisela said...

Hi! Just getting caught up on everyones posts.

Your boys have grown to be very good young men, and you should feel so blessed. You have done a gret job. I hope I can do just as well with my daughters. Congrats to River and Isaiah!

Lori said...

That is ALL really good news!!! How exciting for everyone! Mom needs a pat on the back for job well done with the guidance and teaching!! :-) I know you are so proud of them.

Laura said...

Hats off to the boys on excelling so well!!! They are obviously smart and deserve credit of their own, but so much credit also goes to you!