Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Our Little Slice

These pictures are dedicated to Teresa. I know that you would love to have a little look-see. I sure miss you Sis!

Our home sweet home. The house looks nicer on the outside than it does on the inside. I am so incredibly thankful for our home. The design inside is very different and much more rustic than you would think upon first pulling up to it.Here is the turn around driveway. The barn is on the right, and the house is in the background on the left.This is the little play yard out the front door. You can see "Rocky" our Banty Rooster at the end of the slide.This is our little barn that houses our chickens, pigs and our calves that come in for a little drink. The boys have been chopping some wood for winter and they are starting to gather a little stack on the outside.This is where we are putting our garden for next year. Everytime we clean out the manure from the barn it gets dumped into this area. It should be nice and fertilized by next year, don't ya think?

This is the view off the main road. You can see our little barn on the left hand side. Our land is skinny, but long.

These are a few shots of our driveway. I think the driveway is some of my favorite scenery on our property. It is sort of private and enclosed. It is a long enough walk that by the time I drag our garbage can back from the main road I am plumb out of breath.

This is the steep part that gives my legs a work out when dragging our family size trashcan up the hill.

This is the beginning of our driveway. This is our creek that runs along the driveway. It is fairly deep in some areas. Not crazy deep, but definitely deep enough for the kids to wade around in. In fact, about a month ago Isaiah was out exploring and fishing in it when he stepped his foot into a beaver dam. He said he couldn't pull it out fast enough for fear that the toothy animal may bite him in self defense.
Here is one of the trees along the creek that the beaver chowed on in order to rebuild the dam that Isaiah accidentally broke. It is pretty amazing to think that a beaver lives out here.


Tish said...

You do have an amazingly wonderful "slice" as you call it. I never thought of the job it would be to take the garbage to the curb! You'll just be all muscled up and out shining the rest of us soon.

Mrs.Martin said...

Finally, I get to see more pics of your home life. I love it! And well, I would pay money to vacation there for the week. LoL We have a lot of green here too, but those evergreen trees can make a girl homesick. Your boys have got to be happy there, with the mini farm and creek, what an oasis for them. The suburbs had to have been difficult on them. I can't wait until we can visit again and walk that driveway and throw some rocks into the creek. You have 6 sons that homeschool and this is just a great place to raise them all. And your town, of all places, has such a warm place in my heart too.

Lori said...

I love it!! I love all the trees!! Kevin does our garden and he would love all that manure - ha!

Laura said...

It's like a slice of heaven, Trina!

Jules said...

You have a beautiful home, and land! I can't wait to go to Oregon and see all the beautiful places and wonderful people :)