Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It Must Come Down

It has came to my attention that I have left the "Underwear Man" post up, and maybe that wasn't the greatest post to leave dangling in cyberspace forever....lol

I have been taking some down time from the internet lately for many good reasons. I have always enjoyed blogging, however since having Boaz and moving in to our new home things have been busier than usual. I thought I should have been posting about all the visiting brethren that we have, but I have a lot of could have/should have thoughts that just float around lately. However, I will do a little catch up of the company we have had staying with us for the last two weeks to give you a little sneak peek of why my mind and body have been elsewhere. There has been a lot of other things going on with everyone, but I will post only about the ones that have been to my home.

Let's see, let's go back a couple of weeks ago:
Sat.-Sun. July 5-6th Bro. Dale, Sis. Chantel and Bro. Andy came to spend the weekend with us.

Sun. July 6th We had an impromptu potluck for all the brethren after church.

Mon.-Tues. July 7th-8th Bro. Scotty came in and spent the night and day

Wed. July 9th Bro. Lee and Sis. Cherrie (Elisha and Samuel) Bro. Robert, and Sis. Tiffany came in and spent the night. (Yeah they arrived!!!) The brethren went over to greet them and help them unload their truck before heading to my house for the night.

Thursday July 10th Went to church and Bro. James, Sis. Lisa and Madison were visiting from Oklahoma. We also had Bro. Billy, Bro. Lee, and Bro. Dean (not sure if he was in this Thursday or the next) in for meeting. Bro. Billy came over to spend the night.

Friday July 11th We had a good scare with Roman, but that is for another time. Bro. Rusty, Sis. Mary, Bro. James and Sis. Lisa stopped by to pick up the truck that Rusty and Mary let us borrow. They didn't stay long, but we got to see them for a bit before they headed off to the coast.

Wednesday July 16th Bro Rusty, Sis. Mary, Bro. James and Sis. Lisa came over for dessert and to bring over the children for us to take care of. You see, Bro. Rusty and Bro. James' stepdad passed away and they were all flying out the next morning for the funeral, and therefore we decided to watch Jake, Jarred, and Hailey while they were away. Bro. Lee and Sis. Cherrie came by to visit with them as well.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday July 17-20 we had 9 children. We thoroughly enjoyed them all. Abram had the time of his life with Jake and Jarred! We will have to make sure they have a few more sleepovers.

Sunday July 20th Bro. Dave, Sis. Dayna, and Sis. Brittany came to church and we all went to Bro. Lee and Sis. Cherries for dinner. Bro. Sean, Sis. Marisela (kids) and Bro. Doyle and Bro. Elvin (grandkids) came by too. Well, I must say that they also had Bro. Rusty and Sis.Mary over since they came by to pick up their kids from us.

It was a very busy two weeks! Everyday there seemed to be something, but full of good friends and blessings. Life is very good and full.......


Cherrie said...

The last two weeks have been very busy but so rewarding at the same time.

Tish said...

It's nice to be busy because of visitors. When you have visitors it can be kind of crazy, but worth it. It seems to make every other day easier.

I read your comment on Cherrie's blog. That is amazing that we'll have 27 children. We really are outnumbered! It's nice for our kids to have all the playmates.

By the way it's nice to hear from you again (on the blogging world that is).

meNmykids said...

I loved the Underwear Man. Just the post to leave up so when we saw it every day or so we could smile again. Sounds like your house has been full of life. Good.

marykathryn said...

It has been a busy couple of weeks!!! I can't thank you guys ENOUGH for watching our kids this last week! You guys are soooo awesome for helping us out and we are so blessed to have you guys in our life and our children's lives!