Tuesday, January 08, 2008


How many of us have had guests over for dinner, unexpected, unannounced and it ended up being a heart warming experience? Even though it may be stressful, or catch you off guard there is a warmth in sharing dinner with guests that can't be compared. Having a house full of boys means that there is plenty of playing and bonding. Yeah there have been some broken windows in our lives, but windows can be replaced.

The basketball team that we call our family has its ups and downs, that's for sure, but the house would be dead from silence without them.

There are days that I question what was I thinking; having another baby on the way, when I feel like my plate is already so full. I know that I will have enough to give to this little one, and I am excited about meeting him. Nevertheless, I also know that my reserves feel low right now and I don't see things getting a lot better in the near future. So what was I thinking?

This is the first pregnancy that we haven't been receiving accolades from the world. There has been a lot of disbelief, and a lot of people not understanding our logic, (not that they ask or truly want to know what guides us). On any bad day I can let this get to me. I mean who doesn't want to have people receive the news that another precious baby is on the way only to have them give you the warmest congratulations? I know that it does my heart good when someone is heartfelt with their joy for us. However, thankfully, I am not easily influenced by their misunderstandings. Luckily, my bar of success is measured by a different standard all together. I am not going to be one that goes out and makes a living for our family. Success isn't going to be measured by how much money we have in our bank account, at the cost of all other things. Don't get me wrong, Den and I are careful with our money and we try to be wise with it, but I also know that my world isn't centered around it. There have been plenty of times we have made decisions, spiritually, that didn't center around money, and in fact we have sacrificed it for the greater good, plenty of times. I am just saying that how society measures success isn't by biblical standards anymore, and this makes me sad. I think a lot of people miss those days and standards, but get sucked in to thinking that those are fond, distant, Norman Rockwell memories that can't be relived or regained. That those are just stories or paintings to be swapped by those who had little and/or knew little. This is so untrue. The reasons those paintings and stories strike a heart chord is because they are what life is truly all about; family, love, and savoring the little things that we bring to each others world.

Today, society believes that someone can find complete fulfillment and joy by other rewards, monetary and materialistically. People get home late and rise early to work their entire lives away for some worldly/ outward goal that at the bedside of the sick means nothing. This is why it is so important to yoke yourself with those that are equal to you. I mean, have relationships in your life that you admire, and who will encourage you along these biblical standards. Who of us could withstand the pull of today's society all alone? Not many. It is easy to begin feeling the pressure of keeping up with the Jones', or feeling like our children keep us from doing the things we were "meant" to do, or wondering if we could have more THINGS if only we hadn't made the choice to have less children, or no children at all.

I don't see how that we could make the right choices/ good biblical choices without the support of like minded people around us. Not all of my friends live exactly the same lifestyle as myself, but the majority do or try. So any given day that I may feel low, or my flesh questions my choices, I know whom I can call to encourage me; remind me of what our purpose in this life is. For who of us aren't weak from time to time, or wishes we had more? We all need to realize that our life is but a vapor and only appeareth for a short while, so let's leave our legacy behind, and the only legacy that matters are the generations (that we teach, love, sacrifice for) to come.


Leanne said...

What a thought provoking and spot-on post! Thanks for letting us in on your thoughts.

You look so beautiful in the photo below. You are the quintessential radiant pregnant woman. Pregnancy looks good on you! I love your outfit, it's so pretty and stylish and modest too........I have trouble finding pretty, stylish, modest maternity clothes that I love.

We're about 3 months pregnant with baby #7, and I can so totally identify with you about wanting everyone to be congratulatory of your newest pregnancy. I steel myself when we announce to others that we are pregnant, not because I'm uncertain/sad at God's will for me, but because of other people's narrow minded views and the hurtful things they say. I'm secure in the knowledge that I am in the center of His will. I need nothing else!

Anwyay, keep the great posts coming.......I hope you like to post pics, so that you can post lots of pics when baby is born!

Leanne in Longview WA

Katie & the boys said...

What a heartfelt post.
When I was reading it, I kept thinking of the song by Casting Crowns, "Voice of Truth"
when it says "The voice of truth tells me a different story, the voice of truth says, 'do not be afraid,' the voice of truth says 'this is for My glory' Out of all the voices calling out to me I will choose to listen and believe the voice of truth."
You and your husband seem like people that do not fear man, does not need their approval. From your words, it easy to tell that you are Christlike people who serve only God and this new baby of yours will be welcomed by everyone who matters. Everyone who matters is happy for you.
PS. You look like gorgeous. I wish I could look like that now, let alone when I'm pregnant, heee heee

Lori said...

Sometimes people do not think before they speak. It doesn't matter what anyone thinks about you having another child. If this was God's will, then this is the way it should be. It is better to have "full hands" than empty ones! You are so blessed. And, you are correct that many people today put more value on the material things and money rather than the PEOPLE in their lives. It really is a shame - our jobs are not or should not be our lives. Just keep counting your blessings and know that you are on the path that He chose for you. That is all that matters!

Tish said...

What a great post! I loved the Norman Rockwell paintings. He does paint a picture of a more simpler life than most people live now days. It is nice to be reminded that it doesn't matter what society sees as appropriate as long as we are living in God's will.

And for the record I think it's great that you and Dennis are having another baby! You guys are great parents.

Mrs. Mom said...

I think it's awesome God has chosen to bless you with another little one.

It really saddens my heart when I hear someone say they aren't interested in having any children. Or they only want one child... And I know little families with only one child and that's all they intend to have. They don't know what blessings they are missing out on.