Thursday, January 24, 2008


I thought I should do a quick overview for the last week of all our company. I was staying on top of this last summer, but then thought the posts were a little monotonous, and therefore stopped posting about it. However, now I wish that I had kept up with it all because it impacted our lives and our assembly in such an important way.

Saturday: Bro. Billy and Bro. Bodie came over from Washington. They spent the day and evening, and Bro. Billy spent the night.

Saturday evening: Bro. Rusty stopped by to visit for a bit and dropped off some chai tea powder that he bought for me from Washington. I thought it was the sweetest thing ever.

Saturday evening later: Bro. Matt, Sis. Tisha and their four kids came over to visit and we played games. It was an eventful and busy day.

Sunday: I didn't feel well (pregnancy related) and so Sis. Mary and Hailey stopped by to visit for a while. Isaiah gave his hand to be baptised so after church the majority of the brethren gathered here and then we all headed out to the lake.

After the baptism Den and I headed home so Isaiah could get dressed, and then we needed to go buy some foot washing bowls, and while at Target we ran into Bro. Dravin and Sis. Krista and their three kids. They are from Washington, and don't get out much, so it was pretty shocking. They had tried to go to church with us at 3pm, but since we moved buildings and times they missed out on meeting. It was amazing that the Lord worked it out that we were able to run in to one another. They came over and visited for a few hours before the ordinance supper. It was a real treat!

Later that evening, but before the ordinance supper Sis. Marisela came over to watch me make the unleavened bread. So the three of us sisters enjoyed visiting in the kitchen while preparing it.

Went to the ordinance supper that night.

Monday night: The church had a fasting and prayer meeting for the sick.

Tuesday night: Bro. Lee and Sis. Cherrie flew in from Oklahoma to visit some of the sick in other assemblies. They spent the night with us, but left bright and early in the morning to go to church in another assembly.

Thursday: Bro. Lee and Sis. Cherrie are due back in here to stay the rest of the week with us. They will be heading back home Monday. We have church tonight, and we shall see how the rest of the week unfolds.


ConservaChick said...

It sounds like you have a wonderful church body! I am envious of how you all support and love each other. Oh, to find something like that here. ~Karlie

Lori said...

Where did your comment thing go on the post above?

I love your post about Roman. It was so descriptive, I felt like I was there!

Nomadica said...

I cant find the comment boz on the post on "a cup of joe.."

But it was a wonderful post. Your posts are so optimistic, it puts a bounce in MY step here, 1000s of miles away!