Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Roman's Birthday Party

Well we did it! The party was here yesterday and gone today. So strange to have a birthday so close to the holidays, but also kind of nice to break up all the spring birthdays that we have pushed together. However, everyone was so generous with their gifts that Den and I don't feel the need to buy anything too extravagant for him for Christmas. We love it, but he will eventually hate that! hahaha
We did a Backyardigan party. He is really into them, and I wanted to keep his birthday young since they are only babies and toddlers for such a short time. Here is the cake, that stained my teeth blue all evening. lol

When I first decorated the table at Chuck E. Cheese he was a little taken back. He just couldn't figure out what all the fuss was about. Everytime we sang him Happy Birthday throughout the day he would cry out, "No No No!" Of course, we all thought it was very funny.

Here is the crew of friends who showed up to help us celebrate. Thanks to everyone who came, and thank you for all the wonderful wonderful gifts. You will be happy to know that we stayed up late putting them together. It truly looked like Christmas since all the Christmas decorations have just been put up in the house.

Here he is trying to blow out his candle. I am not sure why he was challenged by this since he has no problem blowing out my Yankee candles when I am trying to make my house smell good...hehehe

Daddy and the kids are gathered around while he is opening up his gifts. It was so fun!
Of course, we made sure all 16 kids got tokens to play games and ride the rides with. I think everyone had a great time. I know my boys had fun!

During the time that Chuck E. Cheese takes center stage to sing all the birthday kids their birthday song he decided to break a move on the dance floor. Seriously.....I couldn't believe my bashful child was FEELING it so much! hahaha

Once the party was over we gave him our gift. This was the gift that we couldnt tear him away from at Toys R Us. My older boys had one when they were young and so we knew it would be a hit again. We left it by the front door with a bow on top of it. He was surprised and quite happy! Again, we sang him the dreaded birthday song while he climbed in, however it was received with, "No No No." and his face covered. I wanted to make sure that we thanked Auntie and Uncle Colin for their special gift too. Thanks for thinking of him, he loves his new Spiderman Papazan chair. Abram said it's pretty comfy too!


Mrs.Martin said...

It looks like we missed a wonderful birthday party. He has changed in looks so much already. His hair is darker and he looks a bit more like Dennis in these pictures. So yummy cute. The serious look at Chuck E Cheese is a crack up. I am glad he likes his spider man chair, thanks for helping me out, with the choice. The No, No, No, seems so much like his older brother Levi's doings.... And we all enjoyed that stage with Levit. Oh Ya... Happy Thanksgiving to you All!

momto3blessings said...

It was a fun party. The kids had alot of fun. Roman was a crack up on that dance floor he got pretty outgoing there.

Lori said...

First of all, I can't believe you already have your Christmas up - you go girl!!!

And, Chuck E. Cheese...oh, I remember those parties when my niece was young! LOL! Looked like lots of fun!! Had to laugh at the No, No, No! Ha!

T said...

sounds like a ton of fun!! I have four we don't have much boy stuff. Sounds like a blast though.

Beth said...

Looks like a great b-day party. Can't believe how big he is getting. He is so sweet.

Marisela said...

The kids had such a fun time at the party. Roman is such a cutie!

KarenW said...

Looks like he had a fun day. Happy Birthday to Roman!!

Jules said...

oh how FUN! My kids have always wanted a Chuck E Cheese party. I have always lived so far away from a CEC (about an hour) and now we live like 15 minutes from one, so I may give in these next birthdays. Roman looked like he had a blast! That's funny that he didn't know why you guys were singing to him. hehe. I really enjoyed reading about this fun filled day!