Monday, November 19, 2007

Roman is 2

Roman is turning 2, tomorrow.

I remember when he was born (of course). He was smaller than all the rest of my boys. I was sick alot with his pregnancy and he was teeny. (6lbs-15 oz. All my others were 9lbs-4 oz. BIG DIFFERENCE)

He was the first one I breastfed, and it wasn't easy or glamorous, but he needed it!

I love his high tolerance for pain. Not that I smack him around, but he can fall or hurt himself and he is as tough as nails.

I love how he puts his hands on his hips and stares me down, even when he is in a good mood. It cracks me up!

He is full of pride. A pint size man with the pride of a 100. (That's not going to be pretty when the Lord has to mold around

I love how he is so masculine, but he loves and adores shoes. He can walk up and down my stairs with my black strappy heels without breaking a sweat.

I love how he acts tough, but he melts like butter in Mama's arms.

He is now saying, "Mom" "Mom" and when he sees that I stop what I am doing and ask him "What", he feels all and powerful. Typical male! hehehe

He is starting to say the last word that anyone says in their sentence. It's off the wall and hysterical.

He loves to stand with his legs far apart and put his hands up like a ninja warrior. If he only knew how little he really was, but no one has the heart to tell him.

I love how we still call him "Baby" and he is accepting of it. We are trying to break ourselves since a new baby is on the way, but it's really hard!

He is a big eater. He loves loves loves to eat!

I love how he is pretty easy to reason with, even though he is just about to turn 2.

When he is referring to anything or anyone that is tough (like a superhero) he says, "Grrrrr". Enough said.

When someone is getting ready to go he high tails it to find his shoes and get "dess" (dressed). He wants his hair done too, which he demonstrates by whining and repeatedly pointing to his little noggin. He is a man that is all about the details.

He loves to draw, now if we can just keep it on paper rather than walls, doors and furniture. (magic eraser is my new best friend.)

I just love him! I am so thankful to have another little human in my life. I want to help him on his journey and make him in to the man that I know God intends him to be!

Happy Birthday Roman!!


momto3blessings said...

Happy Birthday Roman ! See you at your party tomorrow! We cant wait!

Kim said...

SO PRECIOUS! I can't believe it has been 2 years. It doesnt seem that long ago that your sis was trying to work it out in her mind how to move AND be with you. (Especially since she wasnt moving across the street!) Roman is soo precious. Another wonderful blessing in your life.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Roman!! He sounds like a riot, enjoy 2! I always remember thinking "what terrible twos" because really that age is precious. Now 3 year olds that's a whole other story.... Have fun!

Lori said...

This post made me feel like I knew the little guy...I could picture him standing with his hands on his hips. Sweet, sweet post!

Happy Birthday Mr. Roman!

And, I got a good chuckle from "not that I smack him around or anything". LOL!

Mrs.Martin said...

Happy Birthday Roman! I love that great description of him, by his mama. You need to print this and put this in his baby book. I can so see him be so typically male, when you stop, when he says your name. So Cute!

Katrina said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Roman! You obviously adore him, it's shining through your words. You should copy what you wrote on your blog and save it for him, it's beautiful. What a good Mama you are Trina.

Fee said...

Happy Birthday Roman!!! Hip, Hip, Hooray!
He sounds like a real little character! I love kids like that, they make life interesting! Enjoy his special day!

Jules said...

Awww. What a sweetie! I can't wait to meet him! Happy Birthday Roman!