Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Just Another Day

6:00am Den heads out for work.

6:30am Roman is ready to get up and start the day.

7:00am Turn on fireplace, cartoons and start on some breakfast. (nothing fancy)

by 8:30am Done with all of our household chores and ready to start schoolwork with the boys.

9:00 am Receive a phone call for prayer.

10:00am Ask River to run to Starbucks while I am doing math at 3 different age levels. UGH.(Needed a nonfat/decaf/no whip/white mocha) He runs,
but has Isaiah and Andy go with him.

11:30am Finish getting around so that I can run some errands.

12ish Make a quick phone call to a sister who has been on my mind, and see if she is up for some plans later in the week.

Errands: Take Isaiah and Andy to the sporting goods store for new wrestling shoes and socks.

Run to the dollar store for wrapping paper for Roman's 2nd birthday gift.

Go to Target for diapers, magic erasers, and some clothes for Roman on clearance.

Hit Taco Bell for a quick lunch.

Go by Fred Meyer to order Roman's bday cake and buy the party items.

2:30pm Come home to Roman crying and wanting to go bye bye. River has hit his forehead

so hard on the laundry room shelf that he has quite the bruise. Make sure Isaiah

is getting around for his practice at 3pm. Fill out the birthday invitations, and

wrap gift for another birthday party we are attending on Friday evening.

3:00pm River, Isaiah, and Andy head out to the High School to drop Isaiah off for practice.

I love on Roman and grab some garlic flavored pretzels and sit on the couch with

Levi, Abram and Roman. We watch "John and Kate Plus Eight" that has been

recorded (Roman loves this show because of all the toddlers.) We eat and snuggle

in. The boys all run upstairs when they hear River and Andy get back. I watch

another 30 minute show.

3:30pm I feel the baby moving around in my tummy, just like clockwork. Love that!

4:00pm Call Den to see if he will be home in time to go with me and Isaiah to his sports physical.

He says yes. Yay!

4:15pm Begin this post.

4:45pm Den calls and asks me to be in the suburban when he pulls up in his truck. I dutifully obey..hehehe (we were running late.)

4:55pm Den has to run in to the gym to snag Isaiah from practice. I circle parking lot.

5:00pm Call clinic to say we are running 10 minutes late, thankfully not a problem.

5:10pm Find clinic and rush in. Fill out all the paperwork and wait. Talk to receptionist about homeschooling. So nice to hear that she is pro-homeschooling, and we have a nice long chat.

6:00pm Come home. Exchange Isaiah for Abram and Roman, who are very excited to go see their little friends.

6:40pm Arrive 10 minutes late, but thankfully dinner wasn't waiting on us. We visit with Bro. Matt, Sis. Tisha, Bro. JD, and Sis Sarah. The kids have a grand time!

9:15pm Load up boys and head for home. Den and I chat about our visit.

9:40pm Get home and see that the boys kept things picked up even though they fended for themselves for dinner. (Good boys!) Roman was exhausted and wanted to snuggle on the couch while we watched a little t.v. Isaiah came down to put him to bed for the night, and the rest of the boys turned in for the night too. Den and I laid exhausted on the couch together.

10:30pm We decided to hit the hay, although I was already drifting off. It was a good, productive and tiring day.

Break down a day for us. That would be fun to see!


Cherrie said...

Wow you were busy. Mmmm me what did I do. Oh yay nothing stayed home and made the kids do school all day long. What a boring life I have at least yours is productive.

meNmykids said...

I'll have to pick the most productive day I've had recently to share with everyone. Hehehe. Yours sounds lovely, especially the baby like timework, how sweet. I'll post one tomorrow. Or maybe the day after...Or whenever I have the time.

Jules said...

WOW! I hope lots of men read this and realize that we don't just sit at home and watch soap operas (YUCK!) and eat chocolate. HEHE. You had a very busy day, and sometimes I feel that busy. A woman's work is never done it seems like ;)

Mrs.Martin said...

That was quick,getting Isaiah on a wrestling team. He has to be thrilled, to do what he likes in Oregon too. Uncle Colin was just asking me about the boys and sports the other day.

Love the list Trina. You are feeling so good, to do what you do in a day. My pregnancy was so not that schedule. I was an old women pregnant. LoL What a blessing to be busy.

Marisela said...

Sounds like a pretty busy day. You come up with the simplest yet most interesting things to write about. Thanks for taking a few min. out of your day yesterday to give me a call....I'm looking forward to getting out and socializing tomorrow.

Chantel said...

It's nice to hear about what Andy is doing there. I know he's having a blast as usual!

Lori said...

Woe! I don't think my regular days are nearly that busy! You are the woman!!! ha!

Homeschooling6 said...


Hope this doesn't sound awful on my part as a mother, but I love how your kiddos are spaced out. I would really, really, really love if I could send Josh to Starbucks ;)

Sometimes I feel like having my kids so close was not a good idea (Not that I would trade any of my blessing) but it's overwhelming with them all being so young. (ages are 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9yrs.)

Anyway I just have thought of that more than once when I have hopped on over to visit and that Mocha sounded good =)

Sorry, if I'm not making any sense but I'm supposed to be doing the laundry so gotta go!

la bellina mammina said...

Typically busy day for you I guess - and yes, I agree with Mrs Martin, It IS a blessing to be busy :-)