Thursday, November 29, 2007

Good Morning To You

I was just laying in bed thinking about all that I got accomplished yesterday and feeling pretty pleased....hehehe Then I was letting my mind go over my agenda for the day, when I heard a little, "Hi" from below my bed. I scooted over to the edge of my mattress so I could peer over it, and there I saw little Roman laying on his toddler bed. He was all snuggled in his Car blankets smiling at me.

The room was still hazy and dark. I hadn't even looked at the clock to confirm that it was 7am, but I knew that my internal clock, and Roman's, is pretty accurate. I watched him stretch his blanket out, fix it just right, only to lay back down, and I just quietly watched him behave so big.

I reached my arm out, and ran my fingers through his sparse baby fine hair. As I did this he closed his eyes in delight. I let my hand caress his soft cheeks and drift under his chubby chin, just thinking about how blessed I am. I loved the quietness of the morning that we shared while we silently gazed at each other. Then, as the mind works, I began contemplating the next baby, and how he would be snuggled in alongside of me soon. How challenging it was to picture him exactly, but confident that very soon he would be a permanent fixture in our lives that we wouldn't be able to imagine life without.

Soon after my daydream, we could hear doors shutting, with laughter coming from the hall, and I knew that this would be too much temptation for my two year old. So I declared, "Up?" To which he responded, "Up." So we both teeterd out of our cozy beds. I slipped on something modest, and he tugged on my pj pants and asked, "Dess?" "Dess?", and when I confirmed, "You want dressed?" He smiled and nodded. OH the joys of raising children. Thank you God for the quiet moments between us.


Marisela said...

Those are moments to be cherished. How sweet! I love it when they start talking. I can't wait till Hayden starts saying more words.

meNmykids said...

I love those moments, so good to cherish them and revel in them, not toss them aside with the "agenda". Our children are such an enormous blessing to us. I love your children just through your blog. I don't really know them, but I would love to run my hand along his chubby chin too. We can't forget to soak it up!

Lori said...

Sweet!! Now...when you said "hard to describe him" - does that mean you KNOW you are having a boy or you are just use to saying him? ha!

Jules said...

HEHE, I loved this post. It reminded me of when Blake was little, he always has been a "momma's boy" and I used to lightly rub his face and hair, and he loved it. I was so glad to be reminded of that. It is funny how kids don't even need alarm clocks, they jsut seem to wake up at the same time every day (even Saturdays :( LOL