Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Oklahoma Company

We have company in from Oklahoma. Bro. Lee and Sis. Cherrie and their 3 kids are in. They have came out this far to stay 11 days, well 2 of those days are traveling time, really. We have stayed busy.

Saturday night they got in really really late. I was feeeling sick (morning sickness) and hit the hay so that I would be up to the next morning with everyone. They were great about it since they came in just in time to go to bed themselves. Den made sure they were comfy and set.

The next morning, we fixed waffles and visited. I felt pretty good, although not fantastic. I have to say in comparison to other mornings it went rather well. Then Bro. Sean came by and the three men took off to do a little shopping. Can you believe it? The guys left us girls and the kids behind to hit the department store.....hehehe We fixed some lunch and they went to church. I had planned on going, but I had a yucky feeling in my side all day and ended up having to lay down frequently. After church we had a huge crew over for dinner. We had our family (7), Lee and Cherrie (3 kids), Bro. Matt and Sis. Tisha (their 4 kids), Bro. Sean, and Bro. Walt over for supper. It went very nice. We had a HUGE pork roast stuffed with garlic and rosemary. (That was Den's doing, and he knows what he is doing when it comes to gigantic slabs of meat.) We had homemade mac and cheese, green beans, potatoes, carrots and Sis. Tisha brought over some homemade bread. Yum!

Later that night our older boys came home from a get together. They had a super time and brought home Andy for an overnight stay.

Monday morning Sis. Chantel came in. You see, Bro. Lee is her brother. She spent Monday and Tuesday with us. We really enjoyed her, and we did some singing and recording. As usual, it was very relaxed and enjoyable. After dinner on Tuesday, she headed back home and took her neice and nephew back home with her for a few days.

Today, I rested a lot. I feel really tired, but amazingly good with my morning sickness. I want to thank you all for the prayers. I was so worried about how I would be able to handle company with severe morning sickness, but the Lord has given me some relief. However, today I felt like an exhausted lump on a log.

River hurt his big toe in a scooter incident. He almost pulled off the nail and gashed it pretty good. It has been properly cleaned and will be well bandaged again before bedtime. God had a lot of mercy, but Den came home from work early to investigate the injury. So after we took care of River, us adults and Samuel (their baby) went driving around exploring the countryside, in hopes to persuade them to move here. They aren't budging in case any of you are curious......hehehe Nonetheless there is power in prayer and I'm praying like a hurricane.....LOL After our driving adventure Bro. Matt and Sis. Tisha invited them over for dinner, so that is where they are currently.

Friday night, Dale and Chantel are due back in for the weekend with the kids. I don't know how that will all unfold, but I'm sure I will keep you posted. For now, I'm sure you understand why it is that I am not posting like my typical, mad, woman, self.

Lots of love,


meNmykids said...

How nice to have company, good that you are feeling well enough. Morning sickness is such a weight that it sometimes steals our joy in things we would normally love. Your boys were great at the beach party, they are so polite and fun. We would love to see Bro. Lee and Sis. Cheri too, but I understand trips. My Amanda (thanks for your sweet comment) is enjoying every last minute that she can with Stormy.

Sis. Lori P. said...

Hey Hey Hey, are you forgetting about us Harrisburgites, Harrisburgundians ...or Harrisburgans down south 1 1/2 hr. away? We want some OK brethren company too! ;+) Road trip on down to see us!

marykathryn said...

You are a busy busy lady!! I hope River's toe gets to feeling better and soon, our prayers are with him.
Glad you guys are having a nice time and I pray your morning sickness continues to have its bareable moments so you can truly enjoy the activities!!
Love you!!

Sunydazy said...

Don't forget to take good care of yourself and the tiny one during all this season of company...I know how easy it is to get caught up in serving and suddenly realize that you haven't rested enough.

I absolutely loved your answers to the tag! You are a very funny lady! :D

Nadine said...

Sounds like you have been very, very busy, but I'm glad that the morning sickness didn't interfer with company. It's nice to catch up with old friends. But I hope you are getting the rest you need.

Lori said...

Glad to hear you are busy with company! I was worried you were in bed sick this whole time! Company will keep your mind elsewhere and maybe make you forget you have morning sickness?? We can always hope! ha!

Tiffany said...

Mom Pelkey, it isn't polite to take other peoples company! Haha! But i know what you mean ;).

Sis.Trina, i'm not sure if you got my email about us coming to visit at the end of the month? Our camping plans fell through so we wont be heading up that way :(. I do want to try to head out there soon though!

Hope you have a good/better day today!


Trina said...

Gale: Yes, morning sickness can do that for sure!! However, the Lord has been soooooo merciful to me that I cannot express my gratitude. Im glad to hear that my boys were polite. *smiling*

Sis. Lori: I will put a bug in their ear....hehehehe

Mary: River's toe is doing really well today. He is a trooper! I would be a bigger baby...hehehe Keep the prayers going because its working!!

Sunydazy: I am taking it easy. Cherrie is a whip snapper and quite ambitious around here. Its been very nice! I'm soooo glad you enjoyed my answers to my tag...LOL

Nadine: It is so nice to visit with everyone again. I am feeling amazing! Its my first pregnancy that has been so blessed.

Lori: Company does take your mind off it for the most part. Other times you just have to let them see the ugly side of ya...hehehe

Tiffany: You are so funny!! Well hopefully my morning sickness will continue to improve and when we DO see each other we can really enjoy it!!

Mrs.Martin said...

I checked in yesterday to see if you posted and I am always behind. It is funny to see your highlights of the ones who have visited and who also have blogs. I am sorry to hear about River toe, we will be praying over here too. When I spoke to you this morning it gives me such hope to know the Lord has given you a lighter case of morning sickness, cuz we both know how bad it can get. I hope you still are careful Sis. And yes, I was curious about the Lee and Cherrie's moving status! Dana and I both are! lol Love you lots!

Marisela said...

Sean Shopping???? Why dosen't he ever go shopping with me? They must have been looking for tools or something of that sort. I have been praying for you a lot, that the Lord will give you releif. Oh and while you are out viewing the countyside keep your eyes peeled for available houses. I'm getting kind of nervous about finding something. Well I guess I'll be seeing you soon!

Anonymous said...

Hold on there!! I don't want Lee and Cherrie moving out there!! Well, I guess if it is God's will. I just hope it isn't.

I am glad you guys are having a good time. I am so thankful your morning sickness is better. God has had a lot of mercy on me with it sometimes. I will keep on praying for you.


Trina said...

Sis: Well, like I said, we are praying like a hurricane, so we hope to see a UHaul truck coming this way, at some point, with their little family sitting inside...hehehe *wink*

Marisela: The guys were actually shopping for some athletic clothes for Lee, so no! We will keep our eyes peeled for you guys as well. Sean is looking, but he is looking closer to his work...*sigh* Thank you for the prayers concerning my morning sickness!

Sylvia: Well if it wasn't God's will I am hoping that through much prayer we can change HIS will...*giggling* I am so thrilled about my morning sickness! God is amazing!!

jessilynn said...

Hey Trina! Congratulations on the upcoming blessing. Hopefully your morning sickness will lessen or disappear completely. :)


madeleine said...

Isn't company great? I do hope & pray you get to feeling better soon.


Steff said...

Glad you had a great visit with friends! And I hope I didn't offend anyone with my blondes from Oklahoma joke...though seriously it was funny!

Liberty said...

Your quote "Son up to Son down..." is one of my favorite all time quotes! I have three boys! :)

"Neena" said...

I loved your post, and am anxiously waiting a post about next weekend, too. Your reply to Aunt Sylvia sounded a little interesting there - "I am so thrilled about my morning sickness!"??? I've never known anyone else who was thrilled about morning sickness! Where do you find the bright spot? LOL.

Fifi said...

You are making friends .... for sure! And settling in so well!It sounds like you are managing your morning sickness and life incredibly well! All the best Trina
Love Fifi xxxx

la bellina mammina said...

WOW! Sounds like you got a handful. Enjoy your time with them and remember to get some rest too.