Thursday, August 02, 2007

I Got Tagged

I see that I was tagged NUMEROUS times.....hahaha I have enjoyed reading all of the lists. I am trying to think of information that you don't already know about me. So here it goes.

1. We have to post these rules before we give you the facts.
2. Players start with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
3. People who are tagged write their own blog post about their eight things and include these rules.
4. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.

Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they're tagged and that they should read your blog.

My facts/habits:

1. I am one of two daughters. My sister and I are only 13 months apart (I'm the baby), and we were, and still are, accused of being twins ALL the time. Which cracks us up. Our husbands don't believe us when we tell them how often this happens to us when we are together.

2. I didn't think I wanted to homeschool until Teresa had laid all the ground work with our parents. She did all the begging, convincing, research, praying, fasting and once the deal was sealed I jumped on the bandwagon with a quick "Me too?", and my parents quickly said "Yes." I got to ride on Teresa's coat tails a lot in my life, and it's been pretty grand!!! hehehe

3. I have hollered, "Whose dead? Whose dead? Whose dead?" at a gravesite funeral when I learned that someone's battery died and they needed jumper cables. NOT my finest moment!! I don't know why that didn't register with me!!!

4. I have served raw pork roast to company when I was first married. It wasn't even close to being done, but Den took a bite anyway to prove to all that it wasn't that bad. Believe was that bad!!! hehehe

5. I have pinched my brother in laws behind, secretly, thinking it was my hubbys. Just so ya know, my sister and I's husbands are brothers, and looked very much alike from the back side. Nothing awkward about that sirree bob! hehehe

6. I have left my baby asleep in a car when going for a romantic walk with my husband, because I forgot I had a baby................."doh!"

7. I made a dress from scratch one time (again first married and only 17.). Right after finishing it I wore it to the mall, and looked at myself in the mirror at the Bon Marche' Macy, only to realize that I had put my pockets on backwards and upside down. THIS STILL CRACKS ME UP! Den, however, told me it was an amazing dress, and I had done a fantastic job! Don't you love him?! hehehe

8. When River was a baby, and I was at the DMV, I had set him up on the counter while signing some documents. You know those people are NEVER friendly, and once he was up on the counter he had an attack of diarhea that oozed from his diaper and shorts. The noise was repulsive and I thought I was going to die. This is when a huge glob landed on my shoe. The DMV officer said nothing, nor did I. We finished the transaction, and I carefully balanced the huge blob of poo on my shoe and walked away.....ROFL!

Honestly, everyone is being tagged. So here is what you do. If you have read this and you haven't done it yet, then please do it! Make sure you leave a comment on my blog telling everyone you have so we can come check it out!!!


Lori said...

Good ones! That last one cracks me up!! ha!

Anonymous said...

LOL ok I didnt even realize why you were in a hurry to change out of that dress????? I thought you were being silly, you never told me the pockets were wrong!!!!

Den at work

marykathryn said...

OHHH MYY GOSHHHHHH!!!!! You crack me up!! I knew most of them, but they still had me rolling in my chair!! #5 is the funniest because I know your brother-in-law and THAT is the funny part!!
Love your list and your memories will make me laugh all day!!!!!!!!

meNmykids said...

You are hilarious today! Those are great tidbits. Life can really give a person a chuckle sometimes. Usually a year or two AFTER these things happened.

Anonymous said...

I love these little funny facts about you. I can relate to a lot of them. Glad you are feeling like blogging.


Mrs.Martin said...

Okay, I laughed so hard at this post. I was there with Trina, my twin or not my twin, if you ask our husbands, when the big, glob, of poop, landed on her pointy, slip on, shoes. And I also remember Mr. DMV guy being so rude!

And I was also there when she pinched my husbands beHind as he was carrying groceries in, hands full. My husband and I met eye contact, at the same time of the pinch. I didn't know what had happened, he just had a big blank look, which usually means, not so blank thoughts. Then Trina jumped up and down and laughed and apologized. One of those funny, you had to be there moments.

I am also glad you decided to jump on the band wagon Trina, cuz we did Almost everything together, and life was good that way. lol

Great Afternoon Laugh!!

Tiany said...

Number 8 is by far my favorite!!!

Trina I am hosting somethin fun on my blog (If you win I promise it will not take 6 months for you to get your prize)LOL

Having all boys (SO FAR) I always love to see what your doing in your homeschool, if you feel ike sharing great but if not I completely understand!

You can read all the details on my blog!



"Neena" said...

Okay, I've already done this. That was a very interesting list! Hehehe! Many embarrassing moments, huh?

la bellina mammina said...

You crack me up!! and #8 is just so hilarious!! (Even though it might not have been at that time!)

Cherrie said...
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Cherrie said...
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Cherrie said...

I love all the moments that you decided to share. I cracked up about you grabbing Mr. Sobber's buttocks.

Steff said...

How neat that you and your sister are married to brothers! I would imagine that doesn't happen often in life.

Number 8 cracked me up but I'm not sure your son would appreciate you telling everyone that!!

Nadine said...

Too funny about grabbing Mr. Sobber's butt. I didn't realize they were brothers but I can see it.

BTW - Love the little sprouts pic on the sidebar for the newest member.

Heth said...

That's some funny stuff.

Cyndi said...

How funny! You always keep me laughing!!

Kalisha. said...

I was about to tag you, but you've already been tagged.

Chantel said...

I know I've said this before, but I 'll say it again, you have so many funny stories that you should write a book.

Thank you Teresa for expounding on the brother in law pinch. That is hilarious.

Nan said...

Okay... the poo on the shoe episode made me almost pee my pants laughing. That is hysterical. Poor River. I bet they remembered him when he went to get his driver's license! HA! ;^P

Marisela said...

This is so funny!!! I love them all. I was seriously laughing so hard! The funeral one is really funny.

ablondeblogger said...

LOL!!! How about saying to the wife of a deceased husband that your daughter loves her daughter "to death" and would "kill" to have a sleepover (said at the me...duh!)

Fifi said...

I can imagine the fun that goes on when you and your sis get together!! You've had some pretty hilarious moments dear friend!!! My favourite is 'The River Story!'
Love to you

Diane said...

okay, number 8 about killed me. So funny! Only a Mom could understand that one.

Sunydazy said...

I did this tag. :-)

Lisa said...

That story about the DMV is the funniest thing I've heard in a while. You poor thing.... Thanks for the laugh.