Tuesday, July 03, 2007


What are you looking at baby?What did you say sweetie? An infestation of snakes?

So we have a snake problem in our backyard. I can't stand it! I have lived up on hillbilly mountain and never ran into as many snakes as I have on my ridiculous small patch of lawn, in this backyard.

If you will recall our backyard is mostly made up of concrete. We have a basketball hoop, a small deck and an area for our hot tub, and then there is this small patch of earth that is so pretty and well landscaped (by the owners). Well this landscaped area is an infestation, I fear.

Our home is backed up to the neighbors green belt, and, in that long grassy space back there, he has planted himself a beautiful little garden. A garden that I can see from my master bedroom window and where I wonder if his tomatoes are turning red yet.....hehehe Anyway, I'm thinking that this may be playing a little part in my snake problem. Thankfully, they are just Gardner or is it Gartner snakes? So, harmless....but I DON'T CARE!!! I don't want to see a small snake, a green snake, or a snake with green eggs and ham. I don't like them SAM I AM!!
View from my backyard, overlooking neighbor's beautiful garden...and snake farm! LOL

So, the boys have been on a mission to kill them, and yes I want to remain completely oblivious to how many they have killed, and the only way to do this is to than bury them. Finish the job boys! Well they didn't, and I about had a heart attack!

I went outside, yesterday, to pull the weeds that grow like wild fire around here (I forgot how fast everything grows with all this rain), and while I was outside, admittedly a little jumpy out there, I came across this!
Thankfully dead, but over a foot long!!! I know what you are thinking....oh they are good for your yard.....yeah...NO THANKS!

Now it was dead, but like I said before..........."I DON'T WANT TO SEE IT!"

Well this is when the shrill scream (somewhat of a soul cleanser) came out of me. Abram and River came outside to see what the situation was. They were like "Ohhhh it's dead Mom, don't worry about it!" AGAIN.....Let's go over this....maybe we can ALL say this together....."I DON'T WANT TO SEE IT!"

So, the burial ceremony was quickly set in place. This is when Abram had to tell me where ALL the other ones were, also, buried, and where he thinks they may be coming from. Just two pretty little bushes that align the brick walkway. We think they may be NESTING (shivers) in them. Okay....I DON'T WANT TO KNOW THIS!

I'm exhausted just retelling this little story. So I finished weeding in my backyard, and I will admit I made River stay out there with me while I did so. He thought I was being silly, but I don't care. I was so jumpy that anything I caught out of my peripheral vision made me cry out. The boys thought it was funny, ridiculous and boring. Again....I don't care...........I had no pride....


Marisela said...

I hate snakes!!! When we lived in Vernonia we had a lot of snakes in our yard...especially when the grass was tall. It is just an earie feeling to walk across a snake, but my girls, much like your boys had no problems with them at all. They would even try to bring them in the house sometimes. Who needs boys when you have girls like mine? I hope that is not an Oregon thing....I thought it was because we lived in the country, but maybe not.

meNmykids said...

How did we ever end up opposites? I would have been fine with the snakes, you would probably be great with the emotional freak outs that girls have. There must be a purpose, embrace it! What I need you to do is go out in the yard, find the biggest snake there is and talk out your emotions concerning this. You obviously have issues that need attention. I in turn will gather all of my emotionally freaking out daughters together and we will have a free for all bawl bag moment! How cleansing! I'm, pretty sure that your scream and mine will be equal in intensity.... Or we could just continue on forcing the boys to stay by our sides and keeping emotional check on the daughters? Decisions, decisions.

"Neena" said...

I don't know why Mom said she would rather the snakes than the emotional freak outs. She gets both. Hey, Kali's the one who taught Trent the art of snake catching!

I loved your post. Very well written! I loved this especially "I don't want to see a small snake, a green snake, or a snake with green eggs and ham. I don't like them SAM I AM!!"

Mother-of-Hope said...

OK. I'm with you..*shiver* I do not want to see any snakes...dead or alive...in my back yard!

And *my* Sam I am agrees. :D (I'm positive that's what he just said anway...)

Trina said...

Marisela: Yeah I can't promise you that you wont be running into some of these babies when you get here. However, who needs boys when your girls will man handle those babies! hehehe

Gale: ROFL!!! The bawl bag fest...seriously has me in stitches! I am TRYING to embrace it!! LOLOLOL

Trina said...

Neena: Your mom is a better mom than I!! LOL Im glad you like my little Dr. Seuss moment...hehehe

Angel: Im glad that you agree with me! Misery loves company...lol

Mrs.Martin said...

I had a snake infestation in Washington with two large pieces of land that we were nestled between. They were gartner snakes also, and one would lay in my neglected garden, because this big grand daddy of a snake took over and won out. I would take my hose and spray him, but he would always come back to his favorite spot. However, while I gardened and weeded near the house, I found many, and I mean many, baby snakes! I eventually let the snakes win and let the weeds take over.

I am very sorry for you! Really I am. I hate snakes. I seriously pray I won't see one before I go to sleep every night. And it doesn't help that the brethren all have a yummy story of snakes being discovered in cupboards or hanging off a planter, or somehting else hysterically awful. And another one is that the poisonous snake is aggressive and will chase you!

Sorry for my lengthy comment. I hate snakes passionately.

Trina said...

Mrs. Martin: I wonder if we are related or something. Go check your birth certificate and we can compare notes.

I rememeber that Grandpa Snake in that garden. I helped ya plant it, all the work, money...gone!!! hahaha

Sunydazy said...

Oh Trina!
I feel for you! Thankfully they are only garter snakes and not poisonous... I HATE snakes...all kinds. We have some good friends who raise them (the non -venomous ones) and sell them to large pet store chains...interesting job! Anyway, here in TX many of the snakes are poisonous. I grew up knowing where to watch for them and had to always wear jeans and boots or something equally protective while walking the fields. I also always took our trusty dog and a knife (and usually a brother too!) just in case!
I have a story about finding one of those snake nests with loads of babies in my yard...~~~Huge shiver~~~Yuck!
I know what you mean about not wanting to know!

Trina said...

sunydazy: Well we used to have rattle snakes at our old place, so I am thankful for our garter snakes....I GUESS! That is a REAL stretch for me...hehehe The snake nest thing is tooo much to bear! LOL

Fifi said...

That would have left me quite shaken too! What's a major concern of mine..... is that CoolDude(8) is getting 2 snakes for his birthday in September! He loves them!

marykathryn said...

Okay I hope you realize what a great friend I am just to continue to read your icky icky post about the scariest thing I know..SNAKES...
I don't even like typing that word!!! Along with the words: infestation, nests, babies, poisonous, and any other word pertaining to them living is too much for me!!! I'm a thinking that when we come to visit we will be spending our lazy times in the HOUSE not catching some sun in your beautiful, soft, green, grassy SNAKE PIT!!!
BTW.. Sorry that I totally made this comment about me and my concerns..LOL I sooooooo feel sorry for you, you are definetly a better woman than I!!

Trina said...

Fifi: Okay...I have to send you a "FABULOUS MOMMY" award for allowing 2 snakes in your home! NO sirreee bob, nope...nada...nuh uh!! hehehe

Mary: I am NOT any better! I feel the same way! We will have to enjoy our Dr. Peppers in the comfort of the family room for sure!! hahaha Well I dont know, I may want to play some P-I-G with ya on the basketball court, but we will wear our high tops for safety...LOL!

Lori said...

This is where it really comes in handy that you have BOYS! YIKES!! I hate snakes and was NOT even close to thinking they are good for the yard...the only good snake is a dead snake!

Trina said...

Lori: AMEN SISTAH!! The only good snake is a DEAD one....x x

Michelle said...

Heehee! Well you have finally posted a post that I am not gonna read! I hate snakes! This post come up on my bloglines and I scrolled down to look at the rest of pictures thinking it was that cutie of yours ~ only to see a picture of a snake!! Then I read the title~ eeekkk
Anyways, I have made one big mess of my blog(s) Right now I am posting daily to the raisinglittlewomen.com ~ I am gonna use the other one for memes and such. HOPEFULLY, David can get the password taken off this week since he is off work. Then I will be able to do it all on one. So just cont. to go to that one and not the wordpress one. All my bloggy friends have been so sweet to put up with me!! ~hugs~

Leah said...

Dead or alive, I wouldn't care in the least bit. I wouldn't want to see them eiher! You poor girl! If I was there with you we could sream together. =)

Trina said...

Michelle: My mom wouldn't have read it either...hehehe
Okay I will go to your other blog then. I just didn't know for sure..so thanks for letting me know! =-)

Leah: Yes, we could SCREAM together..hahahaha!!!

Mrs. Mom said...

eeew! Snakes in town? We live in the country - way deep in the woods and I've only seen one snake in a couple years.

I'd consider moving. *Just kidding*

Cherrie said...

I was just wondering if the good Lord was putting those snakes there for a reason. MMmmm I don't know maybe he wants you to handle it....what a concept. I also don't like snakes but I think I could handle it if I knew it was not poisonous.

Trina said...

Mrs. Mom: I know...isn't it crazy? I mean what are the odds?

Cherrie: Okay listen Missy...Im not there....Im really not there! hahaha

Chantel said...

Snakes? Yikes, I was going to come see you soon, but I don't know now. hehehe

That Roman is so adorable! Looks like he's taking the snake situation pretty good.

By the way, Isaiah told me yesterday that he has an internal alarm clock that wakes him up at 7 am. It's 8:51 right now and he's still sawing logs! I'm going to go wake him and see if he's okay, maybe he's sick or something! :)