Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Life Is In The Small Things

Okay, it's time!! I can't leave my blog forever, now can I? lol

The problem with abandoning the blog for that long is that a lot goes on behind the scenes and then I don't know where to begin when I come back. So let me just give you a brief run down. Wow, doesn't this sound like an exciting post already? hahaha

First of all, Den took Friday off since he has been putting in some crazy hours. I don't care what we do together, I just enjoy spending the day with him. We seem to be addicted to coffee shops and book stores. We love the downtown Powell Books. We get there, split up and meet back every once in a while until we are ready to move on to the next phase of our date. We are wonderfully CHEAP dates, that way. lol

My Mom came in Saturday. I hadn't seen her in almost a year. The person I was most excited for her to see was Roman. Obviously, he has done the most changing. It's always fun to get her perspective on my children. Who they look like, who they act like, and all that good stuff. She put forth a lot of effort towards him, and he snuggled up with her and watched his favorite movie, "Curious George", while we BBQed. It was incredibly sweet, and did my heart a lot of good!

Monday, Chantel and Andy came in. Isaiah had spent over a week with Andy. Chantel and I have the tradition of letting the boys spend one week with each other throughout the year. This time Isaiah went to her house. He loves it!! So she brought him back, and spent the night. I have to say that I love Chantel and I's simplistically easy way around each other. I know that she will tell me how she feels, and what she wants to do without worrying about anything. I love the ease we have with one another. We grew up with each other from age 11, and have a whole lot of memories chugged into our 30 something lives.

Tuesday, all the sisters from the area met at the zoo. It was "Two dollar Tuesday", which made it affordable for all of us to take our huge families. All of our teens met up there too, and we didn't see much of them again, until it was time to eat, and than (by golly) they knew where to find us...hehehe
The zoo was so hot it was a little over the top. Two dollar Tuesday just happened to be on the hottest day of the year! We all packed lunches for a picnic, and we meandered around the big beautiful zoo. I think I may have been more excited about some of the stuff we saw than my boys. Roman wanted to be held in the sweltering heat the whole time, instead of riding in the jogging stroller, however Chantel was a huge help to me (as usual).

The only, small, down side was that we really didn't get a chance to do any serious visiting, with the sisters who were at the zoo. However, we all found a small chunk of shade and squeezed our coolers, strollers, wagons and children into it. While we did this, we ate, and swapped food. We happily chowed, and went on our way again. The goodness of life is in the small things, and I see that. I'm so thankful for all the small moments that fill my life!


momto3blessings said...

I am glad to see you back. I am glad to hear you were able to see your mom.
We were going to go to the Zoo Tuesday but it was soo Hot I knew the kids and I would be miserable.

meNmykids said...

I was sorry to miss that day. I have a serious phobia of losing a child though, as one time I did at that very zoo (for a whole 2 minutes!) terrifying. When James is with me I feel so much more comfortable knowing that I have him to help. The big girls help, but I want them to enjoy the others too. Glad that you saw Chantel, she is a gem of a friend!

Sis. Lori P. said...

I love your cheap dates... me and The Dad always joke about how cheap our date nights can truly is just being together that makes it fun. Sounds fun that all your sisters went to the Zoo. I remember your mom! How nice for you to get to see her and the kids to see their Grandma!

Michelle Swank said...

Sounds like you have had a full few days. The zoo sounded like a lot of fun. I love hang'n out with my sisters. I think it is great you and your hubby get out together on dates. Kevin and I need to do a little more of that.

Glad to see you back posting!!

Love & Prayers

marykathryn said...

The zoo sounds fun, but the heat made my jealousy for not getting to go easier to bare..LOLOLOL
So glad that you and Chantel had a great time together...I know how special she is to you and a friendship like that is priceless!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are back. That is nice you and Dennis had some important time together. Jeff and I need to do that more often. Watching our mothers with our children is one of the beautiful things of being a mother. If that makes any sense.

Trina said...

Cheryl: It was very hot! It wouldnt have been that bad, except for Roman wanting a hip ride the whole time. Thankfully, Chantel shared in that load...hahaha

Gale: I completely understand that phobia. There were a LOT Of people enjoying that two dollar me, not the best day to fight that phobia

Sis. Lori: Isn't it great to be so comfortable with someone to be able to do anything at all and have a great time?

Michelle: You really do need to do those dates! Especially before the next little one comes.

Mary: You are a pro at the heat! Our weather would have been a cool spring breeze for you and what you are used to up there....hehehe

Sylvia: Yes, there is something about watching your mother with your children that is VERY special!!

Lori said...

Kevin and I went got Starbucks at Barnes and Noble and sat around and read the other night, and it was the BEST date! So - I hear ya on that one girl! I guess I'm a cheap date! ha!

Cherrie said...

You so crack me up. I wanted to go with you guys to the zoo. Maybe next time. I am glad you got to see your mom. She is a special lady and has a place in my heart.

Nadine said...

Sounds like you had fun. It's nice that your mom came to visit. My mom lives back east and it has been a year since I seen her, but we talk every week.

It's so nice to have a day with the hubby and the kids. $2 Tuesdays is a great idea for the zoo. I bet the kids had fun.

Mrs. Mom said...

I'm glad your mom got to come down and spend some time with you and the kids.

How funny, you know one of my favorite dates with hubby is our cheap book store - coffee shop dates. I was thinking about that this morning and had every intention of posting about it LOL!! It's just funny to meeeeee I had that thought then I read this post! Ya gotta love those cheap dates.

Mrs.Martin said...

First of all, I miss you, secondly, I miss everyone there too. It really sounds like fun.

I miss mom! I miss you! However, with our finances being what they are it still looks like the fall or maybe winter, before we meet again.

Yes, you better keep this blog updated, because with the way the Lord is sending in visitors and permanent residents, you might forget how busy you are.

la bellina mammina said...

Hey - have missed you! Sounds like an exciting time you've had!!