Thursday, July 26, 2007

Friend or Foe

New best friends:



My bed (can't stand the smell of my pillows though)

Holey (okay I just realized that I had spelled holy as in spiritually pure or something...hahaha) oversized Levis

Hard boiled eggs

Fresh air


Worst Enemies:

Poopy diapers


Sentimental Commercials

Freshly dryed jeans

Smell of laundry

Irish Spring soap


marykathryn said...

That Irish Spring gets you every time!! The sentimental commericals makes me laugh...Oh yeah and Jalepenos??..Those can't feel good on the way back up..LOL

meNmykids said...

Jalepenos! Yikes! I was like that with laundry soap, made me sick every time, especially Downy fabric softner. So unfair that every smell or sight around is warped. I hope your family has mercy on you. Enjoy the coffee while you can.

Trina said...

Mary: The sentimental commercials are my first give away to pregnancy. I get weepy over a Hallmark ad...hehehe

Gale: Yeah I had to do away with Gain Detergent when I was pregnant with Roman. It has never appealed to me since. Tisha said she thought her hair smelled moldy when she was pregnant one time...I laughed so hard.

momto3blessings said...

Oh the joys of smells when your pregnant, UGH!

Sunydazy said...

Oh you poor thing!
I still don't like the smell of certain wipes/lotions because I used a cleaner when I was pregnant with my first that just 'did me in'...and the smell of peanut butter is never a favorite with me either...hope you make through with flying colors! Hang on for the ride! :-)

Nadine said...

I'm reliving the memories even though it's been a very long time. I pray this will pass really soon.

la bellina mammina said...

Irish spring soap? How does that smell like?

Trina said...

Cheryl: Im sure the nausea is as bad as it is because the sense of smell is so much higher.

Sunydazy: Yeah certain things never gain favor with me again after m/s....hehehe Im hanging on!!! lol

Nadine: Isnt it funny how certain things you will never forget? Thanks for the prayers!

Trina said...

labellina: YUCKY! hahaha Ummmm...seriously I cant describe it. Its a very distinct smell. Can anyone help me with this?

Lori said...

Jalapenos ~ oh my!!!

Seriously, this pregnancy journey is going to fun I can tell! LOL!

Cherrie said...

This is my second attempt of leaving you a message. Oh the joys of kids. hehehe.... I am taking it in, all that you like and dislike. Hopefully I won't get them mixed up. I am praying that this pregnancy will all the sudden be a great joy of NO sickness. And that you have some relief away from the throne. Love you and Praying for you lots.

Fifi said...

We are all unique...why I say that is that none of those would have been on my friend or foe list when I was pregnant!!!
My friend was.... scrambled eggs with fresh tomato.
My enemy was.... roast lamb! I wanted to hurl everytime I smelt that rich fatty smell!
Chin up ... and away from the toilet bowl!
Love to you