Saturday, June 09, 2007

Full Social Calendar

River, Abram and myself getting ready to go shopping for Chris. Shopping is so special that we had to take a picture! hahaha

Our little pink goodie bag for Chris!

The boys are getting ready to head down to a graduation party. We spent some time yesterday picking out a little something for the graduate, and River decided that the graduate, although a boy, should have his package wrapped in pink, pink, and more pink. I laughed and said, "Well if you are gonna go pink, than definitely go all out!" So we bought a daisy gift card, pink gift bag, with pink striped tissue paper, and a some floral stickers to decorate the bag with. The graduate should be able to appreciate this little token from my boys considering he wore a "Dumb or Dumber" tux to his prom, a few weeks ago. Boy howdy was that funny, yet homely! So this should be right up his alley! hehehe

We got a call at 9:30pm last night. It was a close friend of the boys, and the son of the sister (Elaine) who I wrote about on my birthday. His name is Billy. He wanted to know if he, and a few of the other guys from our church, could come spend the night at our house that night. They, too, were headed down for the graduation. River asked us if they could, and then gave the boys the go ahead to come on down. My boys were thrilled to have more friends spend the night, and more friends to take another mini trip with.

I am so glad that since we have moved here that the boys are staying so busy with church activities, and with some really good kids from our church. The boys are so happy and busy. It's been a long time since there plate has been so full socially. This was one of the things that Den and I prayed for. We really hoped that the Lord would watch over our boys as we moved to this place. That it wouldn't feel like we were in isolation, but that they could get to know all the assemblies from all over this area. I am thrilled!

So we got up this morning to see 8 boys sitting on the couch, in front of the TV, waiting for breakfast. Den and I made coffee and our old staple of waffles. The boys would grab their waffles, one by one, and I thought about the fact that this is what good teenage memories are made of. I am so grateful to be a part of it for these kids, and that the boys are on the inside looking out, instead of the outside looking in. If ya know what I mean!


"Neena" said...

Yep, I know what you mean! I've already accumulated some of those memories, and know I will enjoy gathering more. We've had the Young Kids over once (in the 2 years I've been a teenager), but we're about to really start hosting more. Some of the sisters told Mom not to start right away, because with her 8 kids, she won't be stopping for many years!

meNmykids said...

How fun to be right in the middle of the kids and so involved. Your boys really seem to have great relationships all over the globe. Maybe soon we'll see the same thing with our little troop of girls. I cherish my teen memories, so much of a strength to me spiritually. It is amazing that we have so many spiritual memories during that time, for many people it is the driest spiritual time. Good for Chris to be done with formal school. You all look great getting ready to go shopping.

PinksandBluesGirls said...

That pink goodie bag is adorable!

And hurray for friends!! :)

Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls

la bellina mammina said...

I love having my boys' friends over for sleepover too. That is truly something memorable for your boys!

Sis. Connie said...

You did good! I couldn't help but laugh at the bag. River handed it to me with just the pink side, then he showed me the flowers! Great!!!!!! Chris definately is into anything different and that fit him to a t. Only you would think like that! Perfect!

Michelle said...

I love the picture of you and the boys!

Sister Dayna said...

Sister Trina! It's me Sister Dayna Hansen from Harrisburg, OR :) I love reading your blog! it's my first time posting (I'm such a joke when it cones to figuring this stuff out)My daughter just graduated this year YIPEE and my Son graduates OSU next year!I have cherished every minute the Lord has given me with my little ones and as each phase of my life ends (:) I look so forward to what lies ahead. I can't believe how big your boys have grown! What darling pictures. I sure hope we can come see you all soon!