Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Feeling Frazzled

Well today my nerves were shot! I know..... what a contradiction to my last post...hahaha, but we are being real on here, right?

Nothing major happened, and that is what bothered me the most. At least, if something catastrophic had happened I could have chalked it up to that event, but nada....nothing really. All the boys were home. We had no pressing plans, no guitar lessons to mosey off too, and no work schedules to juggle. It was just a mellow day in boyland. I even enjoyed Roman as we showered together. He coyly smiled and splashed about while waving my pink toothbrush in the water, and his sweet baby innocence melted my heart. However, from there it went downhill.

I decided to take all the boys out on a small shopping excursion. As soon as Roman awoke from his afternoon nap we hopped in the suburban and sauntered down the road. The only thing was that Levi wanted to stay home, alone, again, and I didn't think it was a good idea. After all, he had been sick recently, and he needed to get out and enjoy some fresh air. However, its a drag taking along a twelve year old moper, it's not like taking a 19 month old, with his emotional whims, isn't difficult enough.

After stopping by some mandated shops for the boys, we headed over to some outside shopping. It was a gorgeous summer day, and I pulled out the trusty jogging stroller. I let the two older boys meander through their favorite shops, which left me with "moper", "nineteen month old" and "worrier", and so you can imagine how much fun I had. I went to the beautiful water fountain with our bag of popcorn, that was purchased at the Target store, earlier. I even gave up a few pennies for making wishes and tossing into the water. To which I wished that Levi's attitude would change, OUT LOUD! This did give me a smirk, so don't discount those wishing wells people! Then Roman decided to add wet floating popcorn to the beautiful tiled pool, that everyone around us was enjoying too. Soggy yellow popcorn that had to be painstakingly retrieved by me, and turned out to be a lot of work.

We went through some fun gadget stores for a bit, but when Roman couldn't touch the items he began to get cranky. This is when I knew it was time to head back home, feeling a little deflated.

This gave way to the finale of the evening. Four of the boys were in the backyard playing when, honest to goodness, the racket that was coming from the back area was so loud and obtrusive that I had to rush to my upstairs window to see what in the world all the ruckus was about. While peering down to the backyard I saw that my neighbors were curious as well. I quickly had all the boys come in, and relayed the message that this was NOT appropriate behavior. I am sure the neighbors were just as surprised to see all four boys march in silently and quickly. Once the patio door was closed behind them, and the house was sufficiently soundproofed I began to bemoan my day with the craziness of it all. The bewildered look on each of their faces said that they thought I was over reacting, and was sure that I couldn't possibly be talking about THEM. You see, individually, I am sure they felt like they weren't that bad, but multiply that five times and that makes one frazzled mama tonight.

So, I will need to turn in soon and hope and pray that my outlook will be better tomorrow!


Mother-of-Hope said...

"I let the two older boys meander through their favorite shops, which left me with "moper", "nineteen month old" and "worrier", and so you can imagine how much fun I had." Trina, that had me LOL!

Hope you got a good night's sleep and are feeling better this morning! (((hugs)))

Maridee said...

As Judith Viorst says, "some days are just like that, even in Australia." (The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day book) My kids will tell you I roared on days like that. I would love to deny it but it's VERY true. I hope you have a better day with all of your boys.

meNmykids said...

Hope that today is smooth sailing. I hate days like that. I'm sure everyone at the fountain enjoyed watching you retreive the popcorn though. Not everyone would take the trouble, good for you.

Kim in Idaho said...

Boy are you preachin' to the choir Sister! I know exactly how you feel. Hope today will be a better day for you.

I also wanted to take a minute and thank you for your faithfulness to write on your blog. It is such a fun way to start the day for me. I get up, get a cup of java and in the quietness of the morning while everyone is still asleep read your next post. It makes me think about things going on in my own life and times past and gone. I do have to say it is entertaining to see someone else go through things I have already been through or felt. Just wanted to say thanks and love you! Hopefully on one of our next trips to OR we can hook up.

Dont grow weary in well doing. This time in your life will pass so quickly and you will look back and miss the "frazzled" days of childhood. I know you love every minute but from time to time we need a reminder of just how quickly it all goes. They will be adults so much longer than they are children and we want them to like us enough to be our friend! LOL

Trina said...

Angel: Hehehe...They were very easy for me to label that day..LOL! I'll take that hug too!

Maridee: I may need to reread that book, the title sounds PERFECT! LOL

Gale: It was pride alone that made me pull all of that soggy popcorn out of there. There were people sitting at tables surrounding the fountain. PEER pressure...LOL!

Kim: Thanks so much for keeping me motivated. The comments help me continue on, and encourage me that I am not alone. You are right this phase DOES go by quickly and I want to keep that in perspective. I want them all as friends in adulthood, how sad would that be, otherwise?

I would love to hook up with you when you are in Oregon.

Mrs.Martin said...

Yes, I have had many of those days, but not so much lately. I don't take the baby lately and the older children are always working and not able to go with me.

You are a great mom to make them go and smell the fresh air and have a great time out. As I read your posts I realize all over again, how much you love the city and the community of it all.

I miss you bad and wish I was there to enjoy some days to the fountain, with Target popcorn with you all.

Trina said...

Sis: I do love the city...hehehe You know I wondered why I hadn't left the whole brood at home to stew in the cooped up, non-fresh air, stuffy house yesterday..rofl! However, I am feeling much better about things today, of course the day is young! *cracking myself up!*


Chantel said...

I so hear what you are saying! I was considering posting about the same topic this morning as I felt the steam boiling in my head. Glad today is better, so far...

la bellina mammina said...

Oh my, I go crazy when all 3 boys make a racket, so I can imagine how "multiply that 5 times" can make you feel!!:-)
Well, hope you had a good rest and tomorrow will surely be a better day....:-)

Trina said...

Chantel: The steam boiling out of your head gave me a cartoon visual...lol! I love it when we compare notes only to find out that our teens are NORMAL!

labellina: I am feeling much better today, thankfully! Im glad that others can relate to my day. *smiling*

Anonymous said...

That is the worst part of going away for a day or two. Just as you get adjusted to quiet.... it isn't anymore! I love the liveliness of a big family (is 7 big? I don't know!) but, once in a while, it just makes me crazy! Usually when I am picking up after everyone and making no progress behind "little miss drop it when I'm done".

Leah said...

What a day, huh. Don't worry we all have those days...even me with just 1 boy! Hehee!


Trina said...

Anonymous: Yeah that is the problem with going away...lol Although you wouldn't have thought one day would have spoiled me so bad...hahaha

Leah: Yeah it was a day and a half, or so it seemed! Hugs back!

marykathryn said...

I also went shopping yesterday and boy was I ever ready to see the inside of my house and release these beasts that I call my children into the wild that I call their rooms!!
I soo know the look that the kiddos give when they think they have been well behaved and you let loose the list of crimes..sigh..I need a girls night out...any takers??
Miss ya!!!

Lori said...

ok girl - you can put a spin on things that makes your nerve racking day funny! I think where you went wrong was deciding to take 5 boys shopping! ha!

Trina said...

Mary: Ohhh you know Im a taker!! Pick me, pick me!! hehehe You know I miss you too!!

Lori: You are so right about where I went wrong. Lesson learned! hehehe

Marisela said...

Well its nice to know it is not just me having a bad day from time to time, but sorry it had to be you.

I have took all my kids shopping and just out for the day, and you have it imagined in your mind what a wonderful time it is going to be, to spent a little time out of the house with the kids....and when things don't turn out quite that way it is so frustrating. FRAZZLED is a word I have come to know quite well from time to time. But some days you take all the kids out and everything goes great, and thoes days make up for the day of frustration.

Jenn said...

Oh yes, my mother was a roar-er (Maridee-love you mom!) And I have days like that too with only one child. My chest gets so tight I want to scream. Usually a prayer at night does the trick! I am sure you rested up and felt ready to tackle those five hoodlums (j/k-ROFL) once again the next morning!