Saturday, June 23, 2007

Bathroom Lessons

The shower had came to a stop in my bathroom. I was standing in front of the mirror getting around on that fine Saturday morning. Abram hollered, "Hey...will someone grab me a towel?" Which was followed by dead silence. Not because I didn't hear him, but because I realized this was THE opportunity. You see everyone in the house complains that when Abram is done with his bathing routine he often complains that he cannot find a towel and hollers for someone to find him one. This is when I said, "Honey, you get one." I thought I heard a gasp. The shower room went silent for a few seconds and then the door came busting open and my naked miniature six year old came bolting out! Honestly, I wasn't sure it was him except for the glimpse of a pink blur.....hehehe The door was swiftly closed behind him, and his response was "Geez...I don't want to have to do THAT again!" After a few more of those humbling moments I believe our problem will be solved. (Keeping in mind we live in a house full of men, so no females lost their innocence, while promoting this lesson.)

Here is the final conversation that came from the bathroom.

Abram: "Mom, doesn't this bathroom remind you of our old bathroom?"

Mom: "Not really."

Abram: "They are almost identical!"

Mom: "How so?"

Abram: "You know, like the bathroom that was attached to your bedroom at our old house."

I was still thinking not really, but I continued on.

Mom: How does it look the same, Abram?"

Abram: "You know it has a white toilet and the walls look the same too."

I was thinking have we EVER had a colored toilet? LOL

Mom: " twins....that's crazy!" (said with a silly saracasm.)

Abram: "Yep....that IS crazy!"

I shook my head and giggled.


Leah said...

How cute IS he! =) I betcha he will never forget to bring a towel with him to the shower from now on!!

I like all these pictures you've got of your boys. Very handsome young men you have there!

Sorry I haven't been around much. Today I decided I wasnot devoting any time to my class assignments - just fun stuff this weekend. =)

I hope you have a fun weekend too!

Cherrie said...

Kids do the funniest things and ask the funniest things. You know what.... I bet my bathroom is the triplet to yours... hehehe....And I think it is crazy that you have a white toilet......we also have a white one.

liz said...

Cute story. Cute family. Cute blog.

la bellina mammina said...

hmm, my bathroom is white too!!

Nadine said...

Your family stories always brings a smile to my face. Your children are great. Have a great day.

Lori said...

Love kiddo stories - I had a good snicker over that one! ha! Let us know if the lesson works!

Charlene said...

Hi Love the stories there great and you know what my tolit is the same white like you have hehehe keep the stories coming

la bellina mammina said...

You've been presented with an award!! ;-)

Kim in Idaho said...

That is sooo funny Trina! When my boys were 6 it wouldnt have fazed them to walk through the house totally naked. My 10 year old is just now getting shy enough to cover him self some. It wasnt until my other boys were about 9-10 that they started doing the same thing. I just think it is funny that you had the pink blurr run by. Mine would have opened the shower and had a conversation as walking through the house to get the towel before they covered themself with the towel but only to dry!LOL!!!!!!

Michelle said...

I can't help but giggle at this story! I bet a towel will be first on his list of things to take when he takes a shower! Your conversation with him over the bathrooms remind me of the ones I have with David (heehee) I'll say something like how two things are about the same and after he questions me I realize they were not alike at all!
Love ya

meNmykids said...

Kids can become so dependent sometimes. I think you chose a wonderful way to teach him some independence. Too funny!