Saturday, May 19, 2007

We're NOT In The Country Anymore

Several of the boys and I were headed out to run errands yesterday, leaving behind Isaiah and Levi to continue on with the neighborhood yard work, that they could paid to do. As I was pulling out of our cul-de-sac I spotted Levi walking down the sidewalk. I pulled up alongside him, and asked him if he was done, and if so would he like to hop in and join us. This is when I do the mommy once over glance. You know the look where you make sure your children are presentable out in the real world, where neighbors will judge you. As I looked him up and down I realized that his feet seemed gigantic, out of proportion to his 12 year old body. So I took a second look, and it was because he was wearing Den's dress shoes. Yes, you heard me right, his going to meeting or important interview shiny brown dress shoes. So here is the whole picture: Blue Superman t-shirt (perfectly appropriate), jeans with large hole in one knee (not great, but he was doing yard work for neighbors, so maybe), gigantic shiny brown dress shoes of his Dad's(knowing that the neighbors were thinking...."What the heck did they send this poor child out here in").

I know what I would have been thinking if a 12 year old boy came to my door, looking for work, wearing half torn up clothes with his Daddy's dress shoes 4 sizes too big on. I think this is what classic country songs are made up of, right?

So I ask, "Levi, why are you wearing Dad's dress shoes?"
Levi responds, "Well it's a long story."
I look over my shoulder to see if there are any cars behind me and than retort, "I have time."
Levi smiles rather big and says, "Well I couldn't find my shoes, and so I thought I would just slip Dad's on."
"You mean you couldn't find yours, because I literally had to move them out of the way of the front door to get outside." I said.
"Ohhh...well I went out the backdoor."
I sigh and shake my head, and say, "Levi, listen you can NOT walk around like this. People will think we don't care about you. That we are sending you out to provide for us or something, because we can't afford to even give you your own shoes or something. I mean my look like an orphan!"
Levi chuckles and says, "I will go home and change them before my next job."
I quickly agree and I would have told him to run, but who knows if he would have made it with the size of those shoes.

Later that night, after Den got home, I told him the tale, but while I was sharing I was laughing ridiculously hard. Half because the story is an ongoing Levi tale, half because Den couldn't get past the part that Levi had secretly swiped his dress shoes while he was at work. I think I may have snorted from all the giggling.

Ohhhh these neighbors are going to get many surprises from this family of 7, I'm sure!!


la bellina mammina said...

hey - at least he has good taste??! ;-)

Sis. Lori P. said...

I am rolling on the floor laughing! I can so relate! Our youngest of six boys is now almost 15...I have some of the most identical stories! Men cannot find anything! And we so have the "shoes by the door" syndrome at our house! LOL!!!!

marykathryn said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! That Levi is so crazy funny!!
The part where you said that mabe you are sending him out to provide for the WHOLE family..ROFL!!!
I guess we should just be thankful that it doesn't snow much down there..*wink, wink*
Den could be going to exec. meetings wearing one brown one black, eh?
Love you Levi!!!!!!

meNmykids said...

That was truly a long story that he came up with! Couldn't find mine, took Dads. Kids and shoes. I really appreciate Dennis shoe issues, I have 2 girls who are swiping my shoes all of the time. I have issues too.

Mrs.Martin said...

Well, that was funny and a totally Levi story. I was laughing at," I would have told him to run, but I didnt think he could."

I love my Levi!

ConservaChick said...

That is too funny......
And I thought my boys clothing would get better with age...
My 5 year old will only wear "fabric" pants, and his favorites are bright blue and fit like "too tight" capris. Oh and his favorite shirt is an ancient Old Navy shirt that is black with flames. Can you imagine that outfit? Won't touch the cute Gymboree sweater with the train on it... NO... He's gotta look like Hell Boy. (Oh well keeps me humble with the church crowd). You've dashed my fashion hopes for the future, Thanks.

ablondeblogger said...

LOL!!! You know this is the same child who will grow up to be a daddy who dresses his kid all wrong when his wife is sick, right? :)

Cherrie said...

Hey, I have many days of kids looking like orphans because of the way they dress. Elisha is the worst. Kids keep us on our toes.

Posh Mama said...

First time visiting! I have two boys so far and another baby on the way (don't know what it is)Funny story! My sons already steal Daddy's shoes and they are 2 and 3! lol
I enjoy your blog, partly because you live in Oregon, and I grew up in Portland. We are in Florida for now, but we are biding our time until God brings us back!

Lori said...

Ha! I love how his "it's kind of a long story" turned out to be "I couldn't find mine!" Cute!

Michelle said...

How funny! Love it!