Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Packed House

The Monday of Memorial Day, Bro. Matt, Sis. Tisha and their four kids stopped by to pick up their car that they left at our house through the weekend. (We are in need of some more parking for They decided that they were just gonna spend the night. So we visited with them about all the big campout festivities that we had missed out on, and eventually headed to bed pretty late. Matt got up to go to work the next morning, and Tisha and the kids stuck around through lunch, then took off to begin her packing for their upcoming move.

Soon, I got a call giving me a heads up that more company was on the way. So Tisha took her four little ones and headed for her home, and now Sis. Charlene and her 4 grandkids, Bro. David and Sis. Collette and their little boy were all due in around dinner time. So I dragged out some whole chickens, and Den said he would put them on the rotisserie outside. Just in time for dinner, Bro. Doyle and Bro. Elvin pulled into the driveway with our two oldest boys, and so we, of course, invited all to say and eat.

Sis. Joyce, who had been following Sis. Charlene, and her clan, got separated from the group and called from her cell phone asking if we knew where she might be, and how to get to our house. She was pretty stressed out after being lost. All the men jumped up from the table, piled in our suburban, and headed downtown to retrieve her.

We all caught up on the campout some more. I hugged and kissed on my boys that I missed, and we eventually made sure everyone had a place to lay their exhausted little heads. The next morning I set out five different kinds of cold cereal, and whipped up some waffles for those who couldn't stomach cereal in the morning. It was busy, and yet a fun hustle bustle.

Then the phone rang again. It was Sis. Brenda coming down from Brewster with her son, Bro. Yancy, and her grandson, Ean. So we gave her directions through Portland, and they managed to arrive around breakfast time too.

Quickly, they all got news that they all had to make it back to Colorado by morning for the two men to make it to work. This hadn't been in their plans, but they managed to round up everyone's belongings, pile in to the stack of cars lined up down the street, and drive away.

Sis. Charlene and her crew will be back in two weeks to start her move, from Oklahoma, out here. This assembly is growing and picking up speed! Thank you Lord!


Kim in Idaho said...

I know all the company is crazy but it is such a blessing. Seeing our brethrens faces brings so much joy. We are having a summer singing on June 30th at our house so it will soon be our turn to have lots of company. I know you have been crazy with the move and lots of company but if you guys could squeeze in a trip to Idaho you would be more than welcome to come. I would LOVE it! You could even sing a little ditty!! Other brethren from OR are coming too. Just in idea! Think about it! =O)

Trina said...

Thanks Kim! I know I sound like Im always saying "maybe", but honestly I never know what is coming up from day to day, let alone week to I will definitely tell Den though. We thought about going down to Harrisburg last Sunday, but it felt good (great) to have the down time with no obligations. I'm sure you get that...hehehe

Jenn said...

Whew girlfriend, talk about hospitality! Sounds like a ton of fun though! I love when the house is jam packed, cause the love just over flows!

meNmykids said...

That is a lot of company. Good thing you got a large house this time around eh? So glad there are more moving in down there.

Lori said...

Your house sounds so warm and welcoming...that's why you keep having all this company! This post made ME want to drop in on you for dinner! ha!

Steff said...

It's great that your church is growing! By the way...why do you call everyone Bro. and Sis.?

Trina said...

Jenn: When you get the right mix of people over it can be a totally blast!

Gale: I know, this house makes me feel much calmer about having the company. Im so thankful for this home.

Lori: I have more chairs in the garage, so we can definitely make room for you and your husband..hehehe

Steff:When we are baptised we are given that title before our names. Once baptised the bible says that you are heirs and joint heirs with Jesus Christ. So we are FAMILY, brothers and sisters, in the eyes of the Lord.

Cherrie said...

I am so glad that your house is full of the brethern. It always makes us feel good. Hopefully you can get rest before more come.