Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Martha Stewart Here I Come!

The Following Is A Disclaimer:
This is NOT my linen closet, for heaven's sake!

It's different when you are cleaning just for you, rather than when you are cleaning because someone else is coming to your home. At least, it's that way for me. I like to keep a tidy little ship, but with having five sons and homeschooling, things tend to get askew.

However, we now have a real estate agent coming to check out our home, and list it on the market, and we want it to "shine". We want it so when perfect strangers enter our abode that they say, "Ewwwwwwww", "Ahhhhhh", or even better, "Honey, I HAVE to HAVE it!" So that means the hall closet with all the linens needs to be organized, and the blankets and sheets folded like Martha Stewart lives here. I don't think that's too much to ask from the six men living in this house, do you? lol

One of the small tricks of the trade, supposedly, is to put something on your stove while they are showing the house. Like a pot of water simmering with cinnamon sticks in it. It makes the house smell homey, and I guess people lose all common sense when they smell something YUMMY! Again, that is what I'm hoping...hehehe

So we are doing our overhaul. Actually, I haven't gotten extremely motivated yet, but when I do, watch out, it may get ugly, before it gets pretty around


Cherrie said...

I wish you all the luck on becoming the next Martha. I would like to achieve that goal as well. But my kids make it pretty hard. If you can keep a linen closet that organized then let me know, I might need the secret. hahaha lol your friend

The Martin's said...

So the time has come to show the house off to the real estate woman? I remember those days not long ago. We interviewed three real estate companies and therefore, had three intial visits, to really look the home over. Fun days! I too like my home to look better than ever, when others come to view it. However, you are a great little homekeeper and I know it will look yummy. The view is stunning and your house is as cute as homemade quilt. You know I adore homemade quilts and can't pass them by at an antique store. is to... putting your home on the market and may the Lord bless you with a quick sale. So less lookey loos come looking. Love you Sis.

Nadine said...

I heard if you bake cookies it works too. I pray that it goes well for you and that the right person with the right offer walks through your doors.

Yes, we do have lattes at church - and many flavors. We sell them for $1 just to cover the costs of supplies. So if you're ever in Kennewick, WA come on by, we'll love to have you.

meNmykids said...

Cheri, the queen of house selling says to pack everything that you don't absolutely need, then when someone comes to look it is fast and easy to make the house picture perfect. I wouldn't know, never done it before, but she has 5 times. Your house always looks good though, at least from what I hear. Then again, so does Cheris. Praying everything just falls into place.

Kim in Idaho said...

Fun times! I remember that time in my life. I did the yummy stuff smell. It is suprising how many people commented on good it smelled. It will be interesting to see how the sale goes and where you guys will end up. Any idea? Love you and will pray for a quick sale and guidance.

kristarella said...

Yes, Stage it, then sit back and relax!
I put all the kids toys in tubs and anything that resembled clutter or needed dusting in the garage. Then if I wasn't missing it while the house showed, I sold it in the whopper moving off the island sale. Problem was, the house sold in 1 day. I only had 3 looky loos to deal with.
That is my prayer for you as well.
Oh, and all the clothes on hangers that your not wearing? up and put out of sight.
Just a few nice outfits hanging in the boys closets is what people dream about...I guess. Now when it comes to the master closet....hmmmmm HELP! Oh yeah, and clear off the "stuff" on the know the art clutter. Put it in a little box and keep it in the will need to peek in there at least once in awhile!

marykathryn said...

Oh my....should I give you my "fleshly advice" and tell you to throw a big party when the prospects come so, you know, they can get a real feel of what fun times they too can have at their new house..hehe Can you imagine if I gave you that advice, how whack-a-doo would that be??
But I'll be good and encourage you to clean like the little neat nick you are and I too will pray that you all will be blessed with a quick sell....sigh

momto3blessings said...

I hope you get a quick sell. Have fun cleaning, LOL, I wish I was there to help you.

Leah said...

Good luck on your house showing!!

And yes ~ I clean the same way. My house can be a living pig's pen and I think it's clean enough but if someone is coming over - watch out! I start flying around on my broomstick. =) Heheee!

I hope all goes well - I've heard that some chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven really do the trick too. =)


Anonymous said...

You can also fill your bathtub full....light some candles, fill w/ rose petals...set the mood! You know women want a gorgeous bathroom! =) Good luck..and I'm glad it is YOU organizing..and not ME. haha

Steff said...

I don't even have a linen closet so I admire your goal to organize!

I like to think I'm an organized person, but truly I think I just have a system of organized clutter.

I'm sure there is help :)

Nicki said...

Hee! I'm a fanatic about my linen closet being organized and the towels put away 'correctly'. If I start to grumble about the way that Hubby or the kids put something away, he tells me that next time I can put it away on my own. That usually shuts me up. LOL!

Oh, Trina, I'm still praying that the path before you will become even clearer. May a fresh smelling and Martha-esque organized house be one of the things that helps clear the way. ;)