Sunday, March 11, 2007

Honey....TIE your shoes!

(Listen people, I can only do what I can do!)

Levi reluctantly put his shoe on, and tied it in his own special way, for this photo above. He wasn't thrilled at the idea that all may judge him for his shoes. Why he is worried about this now, is surprising to me, since this very shoe, tied the same way, is what is at the bottom of his body everywhere he goes in PUBLIC. However, he was a trooper for me, as I promised him that these are things that good books are made of....well he may have raised his eyebrows in doubt, but he obliged his Mama regardless....(thanks Levi!)

We went to town yesterday to get some things, when the sight of his shoe made his Dad and I cringe. The shoelaces seem to be a sore spot with all three of us. We have stepped on them, when we are practically in different rooms, they have had car doors slammed on them and dragged down the highway, and they have been so thread worn that we weren't sure if they were laces at all. We have had the ongoing battle of WHY his shoes make him look like he is an orphan, and that of a third child. We feel that this look may give off the idea that he is UNloved. He just snickers, and reassures us that his shoe issues are all in our head, and that it just isn't a big deal.

Now, all of my boys went through a difficult transition of grooming themselves in a way that was approved by me, and Levi is in our apprenticeship program right now. He wants to please me, but not at the cost of losing all his comfort and laid back lifestyle. He is the one who will wear a sweatshirt until there are more holes than cloth, and he is the one, who doesn't mind wearing an old, gigantic pair of Isaiah's Levis, with a belt cinched so tight that you aren't sure if they are even a pair of pants. Mind you, he has plenty of nice clothes, in fact, I find myself constantly buying new clothes for him, for fear that it's because he doesn't have enough. Nevertheless, no matter how many things are in his closet, certain waif-like items continue to sing sweet love songs to him.

So we went shopping to find some slip on Vans or Converse, but I guess this form of shoe is made ONLY for girls. We even contemplated velcro shoes for him, much to his chagrin, but for some reason they don't make VELCRO shoes for size 8.5 men......(Would your husband be willing to wear a pair? hahaha)

This reminds me of the time that we were getting ready to leave, and the boys were all getting around to go, when Levi was frantically looking around the house. He was asking everyone if they had seen his shoe (not shoes, but shoe). The obvious answer in this house was "No!" So, being that we were in a hurry, I put on my Sherlock Holmes cap.

Mom: Levi, where do you remember having your shoes last?

Levi: Ummm....oh yeah....outside.

Mom: But then you came in, and took them off, right?

Levi: Well....I only had one shoe on, when I came in.

Mom: What do you mean?

Levi: Well I was running around outside, playing in the snow, and one of my shoes got stuck in the snow somewhere.

Mom: Riiiiiiiiiiight......but didn't you grab it?

Levi: No, I couldn't find it, so I just came inside, and figured I would look for it later.

Mom: LEVI! So you continued on with only ONE shoe?

Levi: Yes

Mom: I DON'T get that!! Who plays out in the frigid snow with only one shoe? Get out there and find THAT shoe!

This is when Levi high tailed it out the back door, in to the white wonderland, and Den and I gave each other the wide eyed, exasperated look that only a parent of such a child could give.

Thankfully, shortly thereafter, he came in with the shoe. He did complain that it was a little wet, but not to worry, he would wear it anyway. Ummmmm.....Yeaaaaah......

Sadly, I must say that I could do a post on shoes every week around


The Martin's said...

Oh my goodness too funny Trina! Very lovely way to put it as the apprenticeship program. And I really can't see my man wearing shoes with velcro, maybe, but probably not.

Heth said...

We have the exact opposite problem here. My oldest never unties his shoes, he just leaves them loose and slips them on. It drives me crazy because the backs of all of his shoes are all smashed down. Uuugh, boys!

Leah said...

Heheeee! You've got a cute little guy there. He sounds like he's a laid back kinda guy with not a care in the world. If one shoe falls off he just hops around on one until he's home. What a good attitude, huh!

Velcro shoes - I wouldn't want to see my Tim wearing velcro. Maybe when he's 70 I'll let him. Heheee!

Luv ya,

marykathryn said...

Oh my those are good times right there...I have actually oveheard may discussions about the "Shoelace Dilemma" and also watched intently as you tied the 4ft. long lace..sorry Levi but your momma speaks the truth..hehe
Love the convo about where the last place he had the shoe and the fact that he left it outside in your crazy snow haven and was still able to FIND the thing ..well I think he should get props for that...LOL
Gotta Love that boy!!

meNmykids said...

Too funny! Too real life. I remember walking into church one time feeling like my family just didn't look too bad, only to notice that my 5 year old had changed her shoes at the last minute. She had one blue denim looking shoe, and one red patent leather one. Neither went very well with her sweet little pink ruffled dress. Sometimes you just have to grin. I love your humor.

momto3blessings said...

That is too funny. We have had our moments where I feel like my kids look like orphan children. LOL!

Nadine said...

If I ever come across velco shoes in a size 8.5 they will be coming your way...very funny. I guess he figured the shoe was safe out in the snow...that was too cute. Thanks again for the chuckle.

Cherrie said...

I love the shoe story to funny. Tell Levi he is a cutie and that its o.k. all little boys have shoe issues at times. My Elisha hates to tie his shoes. I love your stories you have a get sense of humor. lol

Nicki said...

Oh, that had me laughing so hard, Trina! I believe you when you say that you could post a shoe story every week. Hehe!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, I am trying to control the laughter. It's rather embarrassing here in the silent library. Thanks for yet another funny story. Thanks to Levi for willingly being the focus this time. I wander if he will reconsider his standard for shoes?

A Woman Who is: said...

That was hysterical...the snow part. Oh my goodness what fun! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I came back and read this story, and really enjoyed it. I noticed some mentioned about a song in the last post comments. I have had this song in my head all week, Simple Devotion, by Misty Edwards. It would go so well with your picture that is so descriptive of the position of waiting. There is a line in there…I'll just lean in the sovereignty, I'll embrase a mystery, I'll just rest in you, as I bath in truth.

Kim's Life said...

LOL I think it must be a boy thing.LOL

Kim's Life said...

No I take that back becuase krystals shoes look the same.

Kim's Life said...

Because. Opps TYPO

Anonymous said...

Very funny. I have one like that. Well, he's 15 now and not quite as bad as he used to. It does get better, kind of, sort of.