Saturday, February 17, 2007

What's That Smell?

We walk into the back door that leads into our manufactured home (why do so many new manufactured homes have you walk in through the laundry room?), and we smell something yucky! What could it be? Surely its not the load of wet towels that are sitting atop the dryer. Weren't they just washed? Okay, its been a little over a day, and they haven't found their way into the dryer. Who took them out of the washer, and put them there anyway? Ohhhh yeah....the boys did a load of laundry, and probably decided that their clothes were more important. So maybe that's the disgusting smell.

No wait, we are out of the laundry room, and I still smell something. This is when I began my famous bloodhound sniff. You know the one, where you go around with your nose wrinkled up, loudly snorting oxygen through your nostrils, with a very concerned look on your face. The kind of inhaling that makes other people in the house nervous. The kind that makes boys quickly smell under the arms, because mom's on the look out for the obnoxious scent.

Pretty soon, after everyone is satisfied it's not them, they go back to doing whatever it is they were busy doing, but I am still on the prowl. I head into the kitchen, but everything seems to be in order. I head for the living room and sniff about, but I just can't spot it. So, eventually, I find my comfortable chair at the computer, but that is when it really knocks me over. The odor is pungent, almost poopyish....Could it be a poopy diaper? I scan the area around me, but nothing. That's when I go into a yoga move to try to fit my head down under my computer desk, while the rest of my body is still in the chair. Sure enough, the smell is even more vicious down under!


As I shove my hand under the desk I find a 10-15 pound diaper (got our moneys worth). I pull it out, and it about knocks me out. There it is......the dirty diaper that has stunk my house up. The sad thing is, if we hadn't left the house, and came back in, we may not have smelled it. You know how when you are in your house for awhile you can't always smell something? It's when you step outside, smell fresh clean air, and then you waltz back in, get a whiff of what any innocent visitor would be getting a whiff of.

I'm just thankful that I found it in time. Its the little blessings of finding poopy diapers, before a complete stranger comes in, and gives you the LOOK! You know the look! The one that someone would give you that screams, "Why does your house SMELL like this!" What? You don't know that look? neither!


momto3blessings said...

Too funny. I know what you mean about the smells. We had that issue not long ago but it was potatoes that i had just gotten a few days earlier the ones on the bottom were sooo rotten Ugh!

Anonymous said...

You are hilarious. LOL We had a smell like that a few years ago..turned out it was a ROTTEN bottle under MY bed. NICE.

Michelle said...

So I am not the only one (heehee) old yucky diapers are the wors!
We used to let Sarah throw hers away by herself until she started putting them all over the house!

Steff said...

Oh Trina...too funny! My only question is how did a 15 POUND dirty diper get under your computer table????

My parents have a dog and while we never noticed the smell, people who came by could always smell that we had a dog. We know that look...I'm sad to say. LOL

Kim's Life said...

LOLOLOL I think one time or another we have had the smell hunt. LOLOL

Nicole said...

Oh!! I KNOW that smell. I get it in my car sometimes. It usually is some kind of food that someone has left to rot in there. I can't even drive when I start to smell junk like that. I get EVERYONE out and make them help me find it. AND OH the joy when I find it. It makes me happy.

Poopy diapers after one day? THOSE REALLY stink!1 Glad you found the culprit!

The Martin's said...

I laughed so hard when you noticed you got your moneys worth with the big ole diaper! My car is the problem too, my teenagers will drive it to tae kwon do, run an errand for me and leave a taco or too. Very special smell. I hate to see what they actually leave in their own cars.

ableknife said...

Sounds like you have a handful. I can't imagine. Reading your profile and post reminded me of a book you might enjoy called Preparing Him for the Other Woman by Sheri Rose Shepherd. This is a great book for moms trying to raise Godly men. Blessings~

la bellina mammina said...

Becuz we live in an apartment, when the baby does a poo, the WHOLE flat smells! I enjoy reading your adventure though. And you have 5 gorgeous boys!

meNmykids said...

I have been pregnant and had morning sickness so much that my family call me a bloodhound. Nothing passes my nose. Of course if you're stuck with it for a while you don't notice. Glad that you found the culprit.

Nicki said...

Oh, Trina!! That is too funny! I'm glad you found it. Hee!

With Baby Girl being sick last week, we had a mountain of diapers at the end of each day. Having said that, one night, I went to the grocery store and when I returned home...Well, let's just say that my nose had gotten some fresh air and so I noticed the smell right away. I didn't care that the weather was below freezing, I went through the house and opened some windows! LOL!

The Wooden Porch said...

I totally know what you mean!!! And those diapers can smell horrid, esp after a day or two. Love that you got your money's worth. :-)