Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Lost In Translation

Me, calmly listening to the message on cell phone. Okay okay....I was still in my pjs, my hair was a little more out of control, and I don't even OWN green eyeshadow. Is green eyeshadow legal?

It's early morning.

Den is checking his voicemails.

I'm checking my blog before I start school with the boys.

A warm smile flushes his face, while he still has the cellphone up to his ear.

I pivot around in my chair and ask him, "Who is that?"

He continues to smile, but doesn't respond.

I wait quietly, knowing he is still listening to the message.

He pushes some buttons on his phone.

I ask again, "Who was that?"

He says, "Hang on."

I smile and say, "Okay."

He then puts the phone to my ear, and secretively smiles again.

I, anticipating something pretty amazing at this time, can't wait to hear who its from, and what they've said.

He continues to hold it to my ear, obviously wanting to be part of the moment with me.

All of a sudden the message begins.

I'm thinking *'s Rick blah blah.....don't know who Rick is at all, but thinking he must be giving Den some amazing news.*

I continue to listen, and here is what Rick voicemailed.

"Hey Den, this is Rick *****, uhhhh I have found a DeWalt battery and charger on my job site and I think it may be yours. Give me a holler to verify."

I gently push the phone away, and give the most puzzled and perplexed look I could possibly give another human

Thinking, why in the world would he be that warm and fuzzy about a call like this, and why am I listening to it?

He looks equally as perplexed back at me.

I kind of giggle and say, "Well... you better give him a call."

He says, "Yeah, I will."

However, I can tell he is not happy with my lack of enthusiasm.

I say, " he seems like an honest and nice guy for calling."

Den responds with blank look, "Yeah, I guess so."

I say, "Who is Rick *****?"

He chuckles, "Rick? Is that the message you heard?"

I say, "Uhhhh yah."

He laughs and says, "Stupid phone!"

Which is when he FINALLY explains the message I was SUPPOSED to hear. It was from a friend, from our church, that he hadn't heard from in years, and he was REALLY touched by it."

Another moment lost, never to be regained.....hehehe


meNmykids said...

I love the blog. Your personality really shines through it all. Have a great day!

Just Being Me said...

That was great. In my house we say, "Take 2" and try again.

Nicole said...

Too funny. I was waiting for the punch line. I was just thinking that in your neck of the woods that DeWalt battery and drill might be REAL important. Ha Ha

Anonymous said...

Trina, I love your new blogspace. *Very* cute. You've got my two most favorite colors all over the place. I adore your content, as usual. I'm always happy to see you've done another post. Love, Elise

Linda L. said...

Sounds like us, my husband had me convinced one of the neighbor ladies had lost 100# in like four months. Turns out it was her next store neighbor.

I LOVE your new blog template. It is you! Fun, and spunky! Yet filled with your wonderful men.

I enjoyed your math review. One of the reasons I was excited for us to do Math U See this year was your great review of it. I will get the times tales also in the future.

So glad to be back reading your blog. I bookmarked it in my favorites.

Blessings and friendship,

Anonymous said...

LOL too funny! LOVE your blog by the is AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

Love your template!! I am jealous. I am bored with mine but oh well. Is that pic of levi and Riv recent? Rivers hair looks a lot shorter than it did when we were there. I cut Andys last week not that anyone can tell. You know how these boys are!
Ps Oh yeah, love the list!

Nicki said...

Oh, that is too funny. Hee!

Kim's Life said...

LOL,LOL. I cant get enough of the template.;)

Kim's Life said...

LOL,LOL. I cant get enough of the template.;)

marykathryn said...

So funny..Love the "vector pic" and no green eyeshadow isn't illegal...just saved for special occasions..hehe
Gotta love the break down in communication...too many to count though, eh?