Thursday, February 01, 2007

Girls Night Out

I wonder if these girls had as good of a time on their night out as we did?

Okay, so on the fly, Mary and I decided to go grocery shopping at our NEW handy dandy Wal Mart. We, of course, waited for the hubbys to come home to babysit all the children. After all this was our girls' night out......yes, that's how it is in this one horse town. We even agreed to dress alike, sweatshirts and slicker pants, we didn't want to outdo each other. However, our guys gave us kisses and squeezes like we were the hotties that we hope that we still are, in their eyes...hehe

So after our half an hour journey on back roads and no cell service, we arrive in the new parking lot. Sadly, we actually feel a little giddy....I know, I know it's WalMart. hehehe We agree to share one basket, and off we go to purchase all the food our families' hearts could desire.

Anyway, after the basket is full of all our necessities, and some, we head for the check outs. They only have two open cash registers, and there is a line for each, but off to our peripherial vision are the self-checkouts. I quickly beg Mary to let us give it a whirl, and since she's crazy that way, we headed over. I self scanned my 5 items, paid in cash, and had exciting dreams of being a REAL walmart cashier in another life. I even thought I may be able to run a cashiering class on the side. It was a real moment. So Mary, having a boat load of grub asks if we should do hers. I say with confidence, "Yeah.....No problem!"

Well, obviously, we should have made sure that the lady who oversees these machines was standing at her post, but at the time we were lulled into a false sense of security, since my five items went without a hitch. Anyway, after we had to grab another basket for all her stuff, and some items got rang up twice on accident, which had to be overrided by an invisible employee, we decided that what seemed like a brilliant idea, was actually another moment of looking at each other, silently, with one eye brow raised of "What were we thinking?"

Needless to say, we went out to the parking lot in below freezing temperatures, loaded up those plastic bags like we were in a relay race, and headed home to unload our shopping spree. We are regular party girls 'round However, it just goes to show that when you have a good friend, anything can be fun!


Michelle said...

I cannot stand self check out!!! I have done it once and told myself I will never do it again. David on the other hand is a pro at it!
I am so glad you two had fun! You are so right about anything being fun when done with a good friend!!
Hope you have a blessed day!
Love ya Michelle

The Martin's said...

Well, I love the pic of those girls living it up a Wally World. Joy! Joy! Joy!
And ten year old son loves to us the self checkout for his candy bar? Hehe

Randi said...

I had a girl's night out last night too. A friend and I went to the only book store in town and drank coffee and looked at craft books. Good times in a small town!

Nicole said...

I love self checking. And I am totally impressed that you tried it the very first time. It can be tricky though.

I love that you went on a girls night out to Walmart. Only in a small town, I love it!

Just Being Me said...

That was funny and well put. My sister hates the self checkout. She says she doesn't go shopping and then proceed to do the store's job for them. She said if they gave her a pay check she would self checkout. It's a prinicple thing with her.

Me on the other hand, I don't mind doing it, but I don't want to wait in line to self checkout. That's where I draw the line.

Living in WV for 8 years - WalMart was the happening place. I can totally relate.

Anonymous said...

Girls night out? What is that? I'm picturing me there with all 8 kids hollering and touching and escaping. I think I need to hijack Chantel and try some of this ultra fun stuff that you are all raving about. What a blast, but I am scared to death of the self check. Every time I have tried it something went wrong.

momto3blessings said...

Sounds like alot of fun. I love hearing about your adventures. LOL! Even if they are to walmart.

marykathryn said...

Seriously great minds think alike...I was so gonna post, but I was just too tired last night. You know from all the hub-bub of traveling, the trip, the contoversy, the excitement, the shopping, I was just wiped out...Oh was that not how you saw it??...LOL...I LOVE our little Girl Night Outs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kim's Life said...

Ok I must be out of the loop. Well really Australia because we dont have Self Checking. Maybe they dont think we can be trusted.LOL
As for the girl's night out. You were shopping. Its cant get any more fun then that. LOL

ablondeblogger said...

LOL! You make me feel so normal! First, that a trip to Wal-Mart could be considered a mom's night out, and second, that you're just as inept at the self-checkout as I am!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

This was hilarious to read! I can so relate!!