Monday, January 22, 2007

Keyboard Blues

Oh to have a working keyboard back, "Hallelujah!"

While Den and I were out on a date with some dear friends we got THE call. You know the one where your child says he has to tell you something, and he doesn't want you to get mad. Yeah, that one! Well, low and behold, Abram had brought a glass of water to the computer and, of course, Roman decided to douse the keyboard with the entire thing. Needless to say, the keyboard was destroyed from the second row down.

We tried to resuscitate it, but we didn't get to it time. We were sad to see it go, because we were so accustomed to all of its little quirks and buttons. Nevertheless, once the screwdriver came out, and the top cover was popped off we knew it was a gonner. Ewwww.... the crumbs and sticky residue that was trapped beneath the keys gave me pause, with a little gag reflex. It truly was a wonder that the old thing worked at all really. It also made sense as to why certain letters were giving us fits when we would press down on them. It actually gave me a new found respect for the letters that had taken a lickin' and kept on tickin', all the while secretly enduring a cesspool.

Once we decided that the old keyboard was headed for the trash trailer, we couldn't get to the store fast enough to replace it. After all, 48 hours of not being able to communicate was long enough. I did, however, go to one of my Mamatalk forums and replied to all posts with emoticons only. After all, I could still use my mouse. I'm sure that half the ladies thought that I was the laziest responder of all times....hehehe However, I did make my presence known, right? I should get points for that at

Anyhow, now that the hiccup has passed, back to blogging!


Nicole said...

I can't imagine the grime that is under these keys. Let's just not think about it, k? Glad you got a new one and are already back to it.

BTW-JEALOUS of that date!

marykathryn said...

Life without a Keyboard..Well that is just crazy talk!! Poor little Abram, I can just imagine his little voice on the other end of the phone. I bet he was sweating it, mine would have ran for cover!

Kim's Life said...

Once I turned off on my computer and I freaked the monitor wasnt working. OMG what would I do with out a computer. I had my handbag in one hand the credit card in the other ready to race to the shop to get a new one. But I came calmed down and moved some cords. Bam it worked.LOLOL I cant live with out mine.

Christa said...

The death of a keyboard is a sad, sad thing. Especially when you are the one to kill it! :-) I should know...I've killed two. I'm so glad you have a new one!

Randi said...

My laptop keyboard is on its way out but I am sure it will be fairly expensive to replace--at least more expensive than a regular desktop--so I just put up with its quirks, such as erasing everything I have written and jumping the cursor around in paragraphs!

Glad you didn't stay missing too long!

Anonymous said...

I wonder how we'd all have done in the days even before telephones? I know that I use the computer too much to have the keyboard fail. What trauma!

Anonymous said...

Hey Trina!

It's been a while since I have been in the blogging world. I also closed my blog at HSB, but just reopened it a few days ago. I went to check on you and followed you here--nice blog! Looks like everyone is doing well. I loved the pic on HSB of the boys wrestling! LOL Looks like a day in my life! I just wanted to stop in to say hello. Let's keep in touch--

Amy (SimpleFolk)

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Glad to see you back here!!! ; )

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous of that date too! No fair!