Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Hello? Hellloooo?

Maybe she just discovered that they can't hear her on the other end of the line either....LOL

Well, lately I feel like I'm blogging about all the craziness of my house, but honestly, there is so much to blog about in this area.

Anyone who has been friends with me, for any length of time, knows that for some reason we have lots of phone problems. I don't know why I have this weird little curse hanging over my head, but it exists. Maybe its God's way of telling me to stay off the phone, and Im just too stupid to catch on, after only 53 mishaps....Oh what will it take people?

Anyway, Roman ran off with the cordless yesterday, (again while I was gone), and he decided that it needed to be dropped into the toilet. The boys discovered it floating there, and again knew that Mama wasn't going to be happy. How these things happen continuously while Im gone, well.... I don't even want to know.

However, I returned to my cordless phone not working, and my landline phone began having issues too. I can hear the people on the other end just fine, but they obviously can't hear me. *sigh* So I need to put that on my long list of new UNexciting purchases. Soon I am going to make a post of all the things that have been broken in a 30 day period while raising five sons. If that doesn't make you limit your offspring to 1 or 2, than I say "Go For It!" LOL!!


marykathryn said...

Your phone issues are definetly your nemesis. However I will give you some advice that I often recieve from a close friend: "If you can just push through, this too will only last for a short season." Do you think that this applies here??.. probably not. LOL
We love you anyway!!

momto3blessings said...

Yes I do know about your phone issues. You go through phones like water! LOL! Its just one of those things. Too funny.

Anonymous said...

If the pregnancy thing is right then I'm in the deficit. I wonder how long it would take a person to get a brain if they never got the required 2 years? Man, it's gonna take me like 5 years to get a brain. I will not lose hope. I will not lose hope. I will not lose hope. I hope you get a replacement phone soon as I'm sure you need the mental stimulation of phone chatter to heal your post pregnant brain! Have courage woman, with a LITTLE coffee and time you'll be brilliant. With all of the phone stuff, you did hear about Andy, right?

Anonymous said...

You are so funny!! Love the phone story. I've never had mine thrown in the toilet..but I did find mine ringing away in the trash can the other day. Good thing someone decided to call me...otherwise it would have ended up in the dumpster outside!!

Nicole said...

Yeah, I have never had my phone thrown(or gently placed) in the toilet. This Momma wouldn't have been in a good mood either. Darn, and this came 2 kids too late. KIDDING!!!!

Kim in Idaho said...

You are so funny! What about using a phone service through the computer? You seem to have internet service even when you dont have phone service. I know we have cable internet and they also offer a phone service. Just something to think about if you internet service is more reliable.

The Martin's said...

We rang Colin's phone last night before bed and played the game, your hot, your getting hotter and finally found it in his shoe in the closet. I had to explain to Colin that you had to go toward the sound of the phone and not away from it. lol